Monday, December 29, 2008

My favorite quilt

I have a section in my right side bar here at Minou's Minute where I show my favorite quilt each month. Sometimes it is a quilt of my own making, but usually it is a beautiful creation I have seen at a show or on the internet. My quilt chapter meeting last month was a group show n' tell where each lady showed/told about her favorite quilt. Judy at Patchwork Times has a post about her favorite quilt (go over and read the story-it's quite nice)

So, following Judy's advice, here is my favorite quilt! It is a Dresden plate, begun by my Grandmother Ruby back in the 1950's here in Utah. A couple of the plates were pieced, plus some were just cut out when she passed on in the late 1980's. My mom inherited the UFO and passed it onto me a few years later. Mom would quilt a baby blanket or help out with a charity quilting bee at Church occasionally, but quilting was not her thing....she created beautiful clothing! I finished the piecing and a friend, Keri H., helped me handquilt it for my mom's 75th birthday. She hung the quilt in the stairway leading down to the basement of their Utah home. When mom passed on a few years ago, dad downsized to a smaller condo, and gave me the quilt. It's the only thing I own that I hand quilted myself...everything else hand quilted were gifts.

I like having this multi-generational creation in my home. It reminds me alot of my Grandmother in the 1940-1950's colors.

In Closing: Do you have a favorite quilt? Maybe something you made or purchased that brings back really good memories....Share, please!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow & Days 3-5 of 12 days of Christmas

Have you ever dreamed of having a white Christmas....well, we've got one. Schools are shutting down early, folks are slip-sliding away off the roads, and I am staying snug as a bug in my studio for as long as I can. I share with you a photo of a cabin up by Snowbird resort. Continuing with the 12 Days of Christmas project from our daughter....

Day 3 card:
On the 3rd day of Christmas my cute grandson brought to me...
I did get French hens,
but since I'm learning to eat, hungry I got.
Mom ended up cooking them in a great big pot.
So how about 5 highlighters pens, instead of hens?
Love T

We use highlighters all the time, especially my Hubby the teacher. They will be well used!

Day 4 card:
On the 4th day of Christmas my cute grandson brought to me...
Four calling birds, what is with that?
I am much more handsome the way I have sat.
Replace the picture through the years.
It will be a great keepsake, it will one day bring happy tears
Love T

They gave us a beautiful black frame with a picture of T in his handsome tux suit. Also with the frame was another photo of me with both my beautiful daughters...I have some pretty cute kids!
Day 5 card:
On the 5th day of Christmas, my cute grandson brought to me...
Five golden rings-don't you think that is rather extreme?
We love you dearly, but that much money is a dream!
Family is golden and they are your lifesavers whether you're young or old.
So lifesavers are better than rings!
(Well, I got out of that one! I'm getting good at this thing!)
Love T

You guessed it...a box filled with lifesaver candies....yummy!

Looking forward to tonight's gift!

Don't think I forgot my giveaway coming up with the big 100 post!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Suzanne needs...

I am following my daughter E and two nieces on this post. Google your name with the word "needs" and list the top 10 posts that come up. So...

Suzanne needs:

her own IPOD-sounds good to me
to get dressed-Baby T doesn't mind my sweats
a shower-hhhmmm, is someone trying to tell me something?
our help & support-well, yeah!
a home-I think this post was more about pet adoption
to write-I am....on this blog!
some tupperware-no thanks, did that in the 1980's
a history lesson-I love history
a coach-yeah, I could probably use one of those too
plastic surgery-no more scared of needles than vain

Try this's kind of funny!

Also, this is post 95 for me...closing in on the big 100! I have a plan for a giveaway....check back for info in the next week!

Monday, December 15, 2008

12 Days of Christmas

My daughter E and her family are doing the 12 Days of Christmas for Hubby and I for our Christmas. Starting yesterday, we get to open one gift each day. She has been super creative in the notes that are with each gift, though the cards are from our grandson, T.

The introductory card yesterday said:

"The 12 Days of Christmas"
The 12 days of Christmas is the song that we sing and in this sack 12 presents we bring.
December the 14th is when you may start.
Unwrap one present a day with love from our heart!
Having you as grandparents is a dream come true.
This is our way of wishing Merry Christmas to you
Love B, E & T

The note on the first card:

On the first day of Christmas my cute grandson brought to me...
A partridge in a pear tree-how boring!
Kind of reminds me of grandpa snoring.
An ornament instead will add beauty to your tree,
and commemorate the past year(well, since March) with thee.
Love T

The ornament is of Joseph and Mary gazing down at baby Jesus, with the words "Love was born" written on Jesus quilt. I decorate our tree with manger type ornaments each year, so I will be able to look at it each year and remember when we added T to our family

Tonight's card:

On the second day of Christmas my cute grandson brought to me....
Two turtle doves are very rare
and nowhere could I find a pair.
But Costco had a gift membership for two,
and I thought you could start January grocery shopping anew!
Love TIsn't she creative!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Blast from the past 1964

I love family history in it's many forms....records and stories and especially, photos. I have a brother M who is the center of our family when it comes to keeping our history alive. He sent me this 1964 photo of me (age 2) with my Siamese kitty named Wendy. I don't remember ever seeing this photo, so it is especially nice to have a copy of it. It was taken at our house in Rossmoor, California-near to Disneyland.
Photos can bring back so many nice memories for me!
I grew up with cats in the house all my life, and they have usually
been Siamese cats too, like Wendy.
As an adult, I have a Siamese cat named Minou,
whose name inspired this blog title.
I look at this photo and see the fence and yard my parents put in that house.
I've carried on their love of gardening from a childhood of yardwork.
I always felt safe and wanted in that house!
Thank you, sweet brother!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Girls only adventure, art and food!

I decided I needed a "girls only" day, so V and her friend D and I headed south to Salt Lake for the day. Some many fun things to little time....and money! We went to Gardner Village, which is a group of relocated older homes turned into a little shops. Of course, one of the first stops was the needlework/quilting/fabric store called Pine Needles. I only spent about $8 on a quilt pattern. I could have done alot more damage to my budget, but was a good girl! The pattern has to be ordered and then they will mail it to me. It's a simple pieced/applique sampler wallhanging. Three of the blocks are made of solid fabric with buttons attached to the top of each block. You make 3 monthly or seasonal blocks to attach to the buttons so it can be changed regularly. They have alot more shops then when I was there 10-12 years ago. We also enjoyed the knitting shop, doll shop, jewelry shop and Sweet Aftons Candy store....good fudge!
The village is all decorated for Christmas. I also purchased a small tree made out of grapevines to go on the shelf in my kitchen. Gardner Village is built around a old flour mill, that has been turned into a restaurant.

Gardners was extremely crowded to find somewhere to eat, so we drove north/eastern towards downtown Salt Lake and parked just off of Main street. We went to Lamb's restaurant, which V and D had never been to before. It's a small place that does alot of business with the downtown bankers and workers. We ate way too much food and I still fit in a bowl of rice pudding for dessert!

We walked a block south and went to the Gallivan Center where it was advertised the city was having an authentic European Christmas Market, complete with artist and food vender's in wooden stalls.! It was about 5 artists and a few food people in lean to buildings....waste of time!

On to Sam Weller Bookstore, my favorite bookstore in the World! Three floors of new and used books on nearly every subject you can imagine. I think I overwhelmed V and D with all the possibilities. V finally decided on just one book....D did not purchase anything. I couldn't limit myself to fewer than about 10 quilting/art/vintage sewing selections, so I practised some amazing restraint and didn't buy anything.

Finally, we went to the Finch Art Gallery in the Art Barn to see an exhibit. One of the artists was my teacher, Anne Munoz, from my fabric dyeing class last September. Her work is absolutely amazing! She had a quilt of the sun shining down that I could very easily see in the livingroom! The other artist was my cousin, Mark England, who is a landscape painter. He does the type of work where you need to observe the painting for a longer time, then you find out you still missed something.
Today was a wonderful day! Thanks V and D for going on my adventure!
In closing:You have a day all to yourself....what do you do? Share, Please!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stash Busting Pledge 2009

I am joining Judy's stash busting pledge for 2009.

I pledge to use up 109 yards of fabric from my stash during the year of 2009.

Update: I came by this number in a very scientific my brain, 109 rhymes with 2009...I know, I am weird! I don't do more than one or two king or queen size quilts a year-mostly journal or wallhanging size quilts. I am mostly working on using up what I already have and not buying anything unless it is for a specific project for 2009. Wish me luck!

109 in 2009!!!!!!

Suzanne of Minou's Minute blog!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Stashbusting Report for 2009

I am signing up for the 2009 Stashbusting Report at Judy's blog, I am still debating the goal number I want to set for the whole year. I've never done this before, so it is going to be a big guesstimation on my part. I will have to think about this for a couple of days!

November Journal Challenge

I had planned to get this completely quilted, but it isn't gonna happen before the end of the month, so I better post this and be happy. This is for the theme- Nature, up close. I sponge stamped the leaves at my fabric dyeing class back in September. I like how it turned out and hope the quilting will add to it. In closing: No question tonight....I've been at the hospital having a punch of test that involved a needle and nasty medicine, and I am tired!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Ask and you shall receive part two

Okay, so I was feeling out of sorts socially, and I got a new calling at Church-Ward Activities Chairman. Okay, I am going to definitely be more social. This week, I went to Quilt Meeting......

I thought I had missed the meeting while in the Hospital, only to find it had been moved to this week because of maintenance at the city building we usually meet in. November meeting is always the meeting where we elect the next years board members and try to wrap up any year long projects we have been working on.

So, let me introduce you to the 2009 Syracuse Utah Quilters new! Yes, I am the new president. Kind of scary, huh! It is for me. I have been on the planning committee this year with two other ladies.

Next in my life.....I have a new member of the family, at least, for the next few weeks. A friend of V's, who was living in a foster care home, was told she was 18 years old and graduated from High School and it was time to move! She called V a week ago about midnight and said she had to be out now. D is a good girl, so it hasn't been a problem to have her here. If anything, it's kind of made V be home a little bit more, so we've had more than just hubby and I at the table for dinner. She works with V, so they trade off shifts, and clothes and I think V has kind of enjoyed sharing a room with her. V's cat, Izzy, is not happy about a new person in their room, so she sleeps in the rocking chair in our bedroom now.

I said a while ago that I could not find anything I liked to decorate my kitchen with the theme of honey bees and beehives. I was shopping at Michaels and wandered down their Christmas village isle and there it was.... Buzz's honey pot house. It was even on sale 50% off too! It fits perfect on the shelf above the phone and has all the things I wanted....honey bees and beehives and no honey bears! Not somewhere I would have thought to look, but it works! It's one of the new 2008 Lemax Christmas houses.

In closing:Okay, I am the President of a Quilt Chapter here in Utah....I need ANY suggestions you have done at your group or guild....anything, folks! Our group always has a luncheon and gift exchange in December, and one of the Summer meetings is a luncheon and a challenge fabric show by our members, but that leaves 10 months of meetings.....share, PLEASE!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

October Journal Challenge

Yes, I know it is very late, especially since I sponsored this challenge on my blog. This is my October journal quilt. The theme was Nature-favorite Season. My favorite is actually Summer, but I did this Fall quilt.
I hand painted the fabric at my Utah Quilt Fest dyeing class in September. I add some thread painting to emphasize the fall leave trees. I quilted with clear thread to add texture and shape to the lake and clouds in the sky. The binding was not my best work, but I was glad to just have it done.

Thanks to daughter V for a photo to post!

I am quilting my November journal....Nature, up close. I had V take a photo of it unquilted, just in case I get behind again with photos.

I have enjoyed during this journal challenge. The only other challenge I have joined is a challenge group organized by next project is a 20 X 20 inch quilt representing the theme "Wish". It is due by the first of February 2009.

No "In Closing" question tonight...I'm tired!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Didn't see it coming...

Yeah, I was more sick than I thought! I ended up in the hospital Monday-got out yesterday. Three days of I.V.'s, shots and some sleep....I can't sleep in a hospital. The nurses and the C.N.A.'s were very nice girls....most were young enough to be my daughters. The Doctor was okay.

I am SO glad to be home!

In Closing: Who has done something nice for hubby....he has cleaned(even the bathroom).....brought things to the hospital for me.....even took a personal day from work (which he NEVER does) to take care of me! Share, please!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A little bit of this n' that

I've been away from the blogging world for a while now, so this post is going to be a little bit of this and that from the last couple of weeks.

First, I got tagged....fourth photo in my fourth photo file.....a stairway of a lighthouse or castle (I'm not sure which one) from my Architecture File. I would love to do a quilt of this photo working with hand dyed fabrics. It's on my list! Next, I worked the elections on Nov. 4th. I was a TST, which is a fancy word for the person who keeps the voting machines safe and running. We had a slow day, I think because so many people voted early. The two precincts at our Elementary School had the potential of 1800 voters. We had 504 early vote, plus about another 700 on Election day. I'm not too sure I like Barack Obama as President, but then I wasn't too impressed with the McCain/Palin ticket either. Oh well, he's my President for the next 4 years. Hope runs eternal!

The main reason I have been not blogging is I am sick. I am battling pancreatis! I have lost 7 pounds in one week. I haven't been eating at all and drinking as little as I can get away with and stay hydrated. I had pancreatis about 8 years ago, but then, I ended up in the Hospital having my gallbladder out. I'll be glad when my body likes me again!

In Closing: Your favorite comfort now, anything that will stay down, but normally, I like warm pudding (usually chocolate)with cold whip cream on top. How about you?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ask and you shall receive...

...or at least be put in a new situation!

Okay, I was grouching/posting/thinking about my present situation and how I didn't feel very social, but maybe I needed to be more....well...I got a new calling at Church. I am now over the Ward (Church) activities/parties. I start with a Christmas party, then plan something about 2-4 months as I feel we need to get everyone together. Yeah, I am going to have to be social now!

The last three years, our Ward Christmas party has been dinner (ham, potatoes, salads, roll and dessert) plus a program. Unfortunately, when you get 200-250 people, ages newborn thru about 80 years in the same gym, it gets a little noisy and crazy. Some people come only for the dinner, then leave before the program. I always feel bad for those who put time and energy into a nice program. I have the option to do three different things:

1.Have the same kind of dinner and program

2.Have a program with just dessert

3.Have a breakfast and a program

My friends Ward switched to the Saturday breakfast and program a few years ago, and said it has been wonderful. People have so many plans at night between school, family and company parties, but early morning usually is not planned out. I am leaning towards the breakfast plan. I am waiting for a call back from the building scheduler to see what building we can find to fit 250 people for dinner (our local building is too small-150 people max and very squishy in our gym)
UPDATE:Brother Porter called back....out of three buildings, during the month of December, only one was's a Saturday morning breakfast, and I think we are going to skip the program and just let folks casually visit and take a breather from their crazy holiday schedule!

Switching to grandchildren. Our granddaughters are have a combined costume birthday party next week. I am still sewing gifts. I am also going to try and get as much Christmas done for them too, so it can go back in the car to Idaho. Some winters we have a hard time getting thru the snowy canyons to our family. Tayge cut two teeth this at my house and the other in the middle of the night with his parents. He is a much happier baby now that those teeth are thru the gums.

In Closing: it, hate it, or could care less? I love making costumes, but don't especially enjoy Halloween. How about your best costume? Me....I was a skunk with a perfume bottle that I sprayed folks with (water!) Share, please.....

Friday, October 24, 2008

My adventure all alone

I am a mom...and a grandma....and the youngest kid in my sibling family....and I am never alone! Most of the time, this does not bother me. I do not like big crowds, but hanging out with those I love is usually a treat.

Until this week....I needed a break. I tried to get daughter V to go see the movie "The Secret Life of Bees" with me-I liked the book. She didn't want to go, so I figured I would just wait until it comes out on DVD and rent it. So, I found my self alone on a Wednesday....what to do? First I went to my local Ben Franklin's with their 40% off coupon. I have been wanting to decorate my kitchen in reds and yellows with a honeybee and bee hive theme. Of course I haven't found anything I like...everything bee related has a bear too. I found a display of a stitchery kit for Utah with a beehive and other symbols I like. The store is out of kits! Okay, so next, I decide I am hungry...... I go to a restaurant called Souper! Salad! I had hear it was pretty good. No, it wasn't. A long salad bar with about 10 things you could put on your lettuce, some cut up fruit, about 3 types of bread to choose from....that's it. I have that kind of stuff at home! I do like to people watch, so I found it interesting to sit and wonder what some of my fellow luncheoners were really like. There were multi older couples who sat and ate, but didn't speak to one another. There were two ladies that were easily my age (mid 40's) who were dressed like high schoolers....not a good look. There were four ladies celebrating one of their birthdays (they had balloons) that sounded like they were having a fantastic time. Oh, onto JoAnn's fabric with.... fist full of coupons. I need thin batting and a couple yards of white ribbon for a couple of Christmas gifts. The problem....I can't get to the! I know it is an old joke about Utah being the land of orange traffic cones and construction signs, but I am beginning to think it isn't a joke. I give up!

I have realized the last few months that I am not completely happy with where I am in my life. I have a couple of close friends, but one lives far away (we haven't seen each other face-to-face in 18 years) and the other has her house up for sale. I need to be more social and develop some friendships closer to home. I think I am a pretty good person and I use to social at one time in my life.
In Closing: I have been told that we develop relationships usually for one of three reasons-(1)for a reason, (2)for a season or (3)for forever....what do you think?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Do you know....

....where these folks are?

Normally, I do not watch daytime television. After 4 months babysitting Tayge, occasionally I need to listen to another adult voice. I've gotten in the habit of watching the noon news and then a daytime talk show. The host is Bonnie Hunt (pictured below)

Hence, the Bonnie Hunt show!
I wasn't quite sure who she was, until I realized I had seen her as the Mom in the remake of the movie "Cheaper by the Dozen" a few years ago. I've enjoyed watching her daytime show, though I usually only make it thru the opening talk and have only seen her gardening part of the show a couple of times.

During one of her opening talks, she was telling stories about growing up in a big family with great parents, especially her Mom. She told a story about an old boyfriends of her Moms. That led to a e-mail from someone who knew him and she talked to him....50 years after he dated her mom. She also talked about how she and her sisters would try to be outside hanging laundry so they could check out the cute garbage men. One of the garbage men then contacted her on the phone on her show.

So, I got thinking about folks from my past that I had lost track of. A couple I have found thru the mail or Internet and have had contact with...mostly because I wanted to apology to them for something in the past. The one was very nice and said there was no hurt feelings....the other never contacted me back (which is probably a good thing)

I want to find a few others, so I am going to put it out there. I am not posting photos, for their privacy sake.

1.Sherry Feibish/Fiebish-she lived on our street in Manhattan Beach, California. She was an amazing clothes designer...sweaters, mostly. I was very influenced by her, since she was the first woman I had known who was single, lived on her own, and worked a fabulous job. I know she sold her business at the LA Mart sometime in the 1980's and moved (I think) to Arizona or Nevada. She was original from back East. A very creative person!

2.Jane Orchard-she graduated with me from Mira Costa High in California in 1980. I think I read somewhere during my Internet search that she is married with a couple of kids and still lives in the beach area (Manhattan, Hermosa, Redondo) She was a good friend in HS...not judgemental or superior in any way.

3.Heather Nuttall-she was one of my 7 roommates at Snow College (Utah) in 1980-1981. She was a military kids who graduated HS in Utah, but had lived in Hawaii. I dearly loved my relationship with her at a very important time in my life. She took me home to spend a school break and I felt very welcomed by her family. She taught me how to drive a car! I know she got married in a Utah LDS Temple sometime in the Summer/Fall of 1981. you know any of these folks? Let me know...

In Closing: I am giving you any open invite to post one person you are looking for from your past. Maybe I know them, or my child works with them, or some other connection. Please share in the comment section.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The cookies are gone

Quilting first, then, the cookie story....
I have signed up for the Utah Quilt Guild round robin 2009. It starts in January and ends with Annual Fest in September. I am going to be in a group of 8 quilters for piecing blocks. I have too many ideas, so I want your thoughts:
1.8 different star blocks that will be part of an orphan scrappy star quilt I have been gathering blocks for for quite a while.

2.T Block-these blocks would go into a quilt for my daughter

3.Tree blocks-I love trees, but I am not sure I can find enough different blocks to make me happy with a entire quilt

4.I have the book "A Quilter's Ark" by Margaret Rolfe of paper pieced bird patterns

Think about it....and now the cookie story!

We love cookies at our house. If I make (or buy) a pie or cake, the majority of the treat will go to waste because no one will eat it all. Not cookies! My hubby makes really yummy cookies-chocolate chip, sugar, peanut butter, name it, he can make it!

Then one day, we tried macaroon (coconut) cookies from the Mother's baking company. Yummie! Then my daughter E married B, who loves Mother's brand circus animal cookies (shown below)....equally yummie! We really like our homemade baked items better, but these two cookies are good. But, alas, all good things must come to an end. Mother's baking company declared bankruptcy this more cookies! We went to our local grocery store, and the remaining Mothers cookies were being discounted. We managed to get the last macaroon package, plus a package of circus cookies for B. Such a sad day!
I've been busy sewing, but no photos, so you'll have to trust me. I've been working on Christmas gifts for my granddaughters. I don't know if my son's family reads this blog, so I'll just keep it a secret for a little longer.
In Closing:What theme do you think I should choose for the round robin?

Share your ideas, please....

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Last week it was abnormally the 70's. This morning....38 degrees!
Below-Deer Valley Ski Resort
Thank goodness I put the heavy comforter and flannel sheets on the bed this weekend
I bet the Bison herd out on Antelope Island are loving the colder weather....not so many humans bothering them. They use their head like a snow plow when searching for food

I think the photographer of this photo got a little too close for comfort!

In Closing: What caption would you give this photo?

"Who are you looking at?"

"Do I have something on my face?"

What do you think....share your caption!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Finally...a photo!

Man can walk on the moon, we can talk to a screen and see the person on the other side of the World, but it takes me an entire 2 weeks to get one photo posted! I must be the most computer challenged person on this Planet! Thank you to daughter V who finally got this photo on her phone, which she sent to my e-mail, that I saved to My Pictures.

This is my September Journal Quilt for the theme of "How do I view Nature". It is my version of a photo of Antelope Island, which is about 7 miles from here. I hand dyed the fabrics for the the Island, as well as the Borders. I tried to play with some thread painting to bring out the beach grasses along the path. My October view of nature thru a done too. Maybe if I tempt V with some chocolate, she can take a photo of that quilt too.

On to other things quilted related: I got a call from a lady named Rachel here in Utah. She runs a service group called Quilters Without Borders. It is a inter-faith group that meets in the Salt Lake area once a month to tie quilts for those in need. Each month, a different church sponsors the meeting at their church building. So far, the LDS/Mormons, Methodist, Jewish, and Zionist churches have had a turn. She is looking for someone to organize a similar group here in my area. I am debating about being that organizer. I would enjoy tying quilts with others each month, but I'm not sure if I am up to being the Head Girl. I'll have to give it some more thought..... My quilt group is also having their elections for next years board-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the planning committee. I may have a place on the Board again this year. Can I do both? Do I want to do both?

In Closing:I am going to steal the subject from my brother's blog....what's you favorite ice cream?Me....Baskin Robins 31 flavors chocolate and peanut butter. How about you?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

September Journal Quilt

The results are in!!!!At least for some of us. I finished my quilt a week ago, but, as usual, having posting problems with my photo. Daughter V thought she had it all figured out, but no photo. I am visiting family tonight who are photo/computer experts, so I will get this photo posted tonight!

Kris, Ann and Wil have posted to their blogs, so read them from my blog....right side under "Check out the journals" . Lorraine and Gina will be posting soon. Ann had quite a adventure with her quilt....and Wil has already passed us all and finished and posted her November quilt...busy girl!

October challenge (anyone want to join us?)is Nature-your favorite season. I am going to quilt one of the Fall blocks I fabric painted at Fest.

In Closing:How did you get into blogging? was doing it, and I didn't want to be left behind. Beside, a place where I can just ramble on and on without anyone stopping or correcting me....Heaven! Share, please....

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Week wrap-up

I had a great time this week with all the quilting and sewing related activities with the Utah Quilt Fest. I just wish I could space out the fun here and there instead of all in one week. Some of the Highlights:

Tuesday was the teacher meet and greet. This year's theme was "Piecable Paradise" which translated into Polynesian related decor, food and classes. The evening started off with a singer and his wife-she danced the hula beautifully! After some announcements, Laura Wasilowski spoke. If you ever get a chance to take one of her fusing classes or listen to one of her lectures....go! She was one of the funniest speakers I've ever heard. She had a great slide/photo presentation, along with alot of laughter and singing. Very entertaining, as well as educational! It was a great night, even if the refreshments were yucky..... I also went to the quilt show. As I posted last time, Utah has very small shows. I enjoyed seeing what everyone was doing, but disappointed in the small amount of quilts hung at the show. I did take some photos, but did not get permission to post from the makers, so below is a publicity photo from the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii of a Hawaiian related quilt for you to ooohhh and aaawwwweeee over.

Friday, I went with my friend Teri to a lecture class. The class was suppose to be about how to use your scrap to make new quilts. I was very disappointed with the class. The teacher just rambled on about how she uses scraps, showed some of her quilts from when she redecorated her house, then kept asking if anyone had ideas how to use scraps. At the end, she said she had heard about some bloggers who use up their scraps/stash and mentioned she had heard about a lady named "Judy" who posted weekly about her quilts. I finally figured out she was talking about Judy at, one of my favorite blogs to read. The class was to be two hours, but it was only about an hour, then she spent the time trying to sell patterns and handing out papers about the classes she teaches. I don't know how other Fest are, but Utah Fest usually discourages the teacher spending more time selling then teaching.

Saturday, I was suppose to go to a family baby shower, but it didn't happen....too much other stuff. Hubby and I did major landscaping. We've let the summer swish by without alot of garden maintenance, and the yard looks awful. We moved two large Russian Sage bushes, relocated alot of ground cover, and transplanted Shasta daisies and lilies (from Teri's front yard). Next weekend, it's thinning out the strawberries, planting raspberries and a couple of peach trees. We also stopped by the last summer farmers market in Syracuse. I had some of my mom's earrings repaired, plus treated myself to 4 pairs of earrings and 2 pendants. I am not much of a jewelry person, but I am definitely trying to change my look. The earrings I choose must be okay, because daughter V already borrowed a pair to wear to Church today!

In Closing: I have noticed lately how friendly and thoughtful others are to me-usually strangers. At the market, the vendor repaired my mom's earrings for free before she knew I was thinking of purchasing anything! What nice things have you had done for you lately?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Quilt Fest Fabric dyeing class

I have never had so much fun in such a long time! I love fabric dyeing! My only past experience has been a couple of tie-dye experiments as a kid and with my own kids with store bought kits. The teacher, Anne Munoz, has been dyeing for 30 years and uses most of her items from Dharma Trading Co. in San Rafael, California (we each received a catalog in our class kit)

First, we cut our Pima cotton up into 10-15 pieces of various sizes....our choice on the size. Next, we soaked a couple of these fabric pieces in the fixer....dissolved soda ash. This helps the fabric to hang on to and retain the dye colors. Those fabric pieces had to dry in the sun, so Anne did a 45 minute demo on various methods we could try during the day.

I started off with the ziploc bag method. I soaked and squeezed out a piece of pima in the fixer, then put the fabric in a quart sized ziploc bag. I pour a little of the tangerine dye and a little of the yellow dye in and squeezed the bag until the fabric had taken the color. Set that bag down for an hour. Afterwards, I rinsed out the fabric in a 5 gallon bucket of water and let it dry. I repeated this method with a bag of green dye, aqua blue dye, and rust brown dye for a total of 4 pieces of fabric.

Next, I went onto the marble effect. This one was really fun and quite easy. I took a 3 inch deep rectangular pan (like you develop photos in)....I filled a bowl with water and shaving cream (the cheaper the cream the better) and mixed the water/cream into a thick mix, like heavy cream....poured it into the pan. I then mixed very small amounts of two dyes (pink and brown) in separate containers with a small amount of shaving cream to form lumpy colored bits of cream. The bits were dropped all over the top of the creamy mix in the pan. With chop sticks, I pulled the color thru until it formed a marbled color look. I place one of the pieces of pima (that had been thru the fixer and dried)on top, got the air holes out, covered it all with plastic, and it sat for any hour. I then just washed off the shaving cream, rinsed it good, and the fabric went out on the line to dry. Below is a sample picture from Dharma's website....though I think mine looked just as good. The shaving cream hangs onto the dye and your fabric just floats atop of the cream. The third technique was using a brush and a thickener in the dyes and painting a picture. I did not do well with this technique. I did try a couple of dry fixer pima and did two landscape pieces.

The last technique was using stamps and other things to leave an impression in dye. I actually really enjoyed this technique. I stamped a piece with pine trees in different greens and browns with a brilliant blue sky. I also tried some flower stamps, but they bleed and mixed together too much....good stash/slice up pieces when I need a little piece of fabric for applique. My best piece, besides the marbling, came from stamping. I did a 12" X 15" piece using fall colors (orange, reds, browns, green and purples) with multiple leaf stamps. I really like it! I am thinking it is going to become my October Nature journal challenge piece with a fall colored borders and some variegated quilting.

Over all, it was one of the nicest, friendliest, most educational classes I've taken at Quilt Fest here in Utah. As a group, we had a blast...very fun ladies. In fact, we said we thought we should all get together again for another class. We used the Eccles Community art center that is located in Ogden (Utah). It's housed in a very old Victorian House that has been restored for displays and lectures. We were in what was a carriage house at the back of the lot that has been turned into a huge classroom and shop. When you are fabric dyeing, you need alot of space and a good water supply

Between class sessions, I attended the Luncheon with Jane Sassaman speaking. She talked about her journey into quilting and how she made Art Quilts right from the beginning. Now that she does a fabric line, she has tried traditional quilt piecing and actually enjoys it a little. She had photos of her home in Illinois and her! gorgeous! stunning! huge! During the prize giveaways at lunch, I won a packet of fabric and thread from the Weeks Dye Works of Garner, North Carolina.....funny-fabric dyeing class and won a packet of dyed items at lunch!

The Fest quilt show is hung in the same room as the luncheons. Unfortunately, Utah is not a big state for quilt shows. We have them, but they are not very large. There was only one quilted item of clothing....I thought of Summerset and all the shows she enters with her clothing (her blog is Pins and Needles-look to the right on my blog under "Online I explore")

Well....didn't mean to go so still with me?

In Closing:Favorite color.....I like most all colors...though I have always favored red...drives my kids crazy with all the red clothing I own! What's you favorite? Share, please!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Busy week, but aren't they all!

This weeks to-do list:

Monday/Today:Visiting teachers (women's church group) coming for a monthly visit, house cleaning, new tire for car, gather items for tomorrows fabric dyeing class, purchase clear, water soluble stabilizer to finish journal quilt for September (Update: I have been visited, hubby thinks he can repair the tire, I gathered my dyeing items, and I finished my September Journal quilt-even the binding!)

Tuesday:More house cleaning, babysit baby Tayge, leave nice dinner for Hubby & daughter V, attend Teacher meet n' Greet at Quilt Fest

Wednesday:All day fabric dyeing class at Quilt Fest, luncheon with Jane Sassaman speaking, hopefully win a prize during class or luncheon, come home to a home cooked meal not made by me

Thursday:Clean and cook, babysit Tayge, make something yummy for recipe club, go to recipe club and eat yummy things and learn to crochet thick pot holders

Friday:The usual....clean, cook & baby. Hopefully get finishing touches on journal quilt done.Attend evening quilt lecture at Quilt Fest with friend T.

Saturday:Sleep cleaning or baby. Work on various projects (fleece jacket, other clothes, Christmas projects), make cookies for women's broadcast refreshments, attend baby shower for newest great-great nephew, attend annual Women's (church)dinner and television broadcast at the church house with Daughter E., get meal ready for the Sabbath

Sunday:Sleep in, read paper, Church, maybe have the kids over for boardgames and some good talk.

Okay, that's my week....not too busy!

I have no way of posting a photo of the completed journal top of Antelope Island I am doing for the journal challenge.....but here is the photo it is based on. I will hopefully get a photo posted soon...bear with me folks! In closing:Which way do you work better...with or without a to do list? I am a list person. Share, please!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My favorite show

I am not much of a television watcher, but I love The Biggest Loser. I love to see the contestants workout and learn something new about nutrition and make it thru the challenges
I like the two hosts too. If I ever worked out with a trainer, I would definitely go for Bob. He still yells, but he is tough in a productive way. I would be scared of Jillian. She yells, even when someone is up-chucking into a trash can.
This is last year winner....Ali. Amazing before and after photos, huh! I know I could never be a stick skinny person again, but I am working to at least have a waist that goes in!

Okay, that's my crazy TV show. I do also watch/listen too alot of PBS and DVD's while I sew.

In Closing:Easy question...your favorite TV show?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Fall clothing for V

Daughter V needs a couple of new jackets.......something casual, but not a hoodie or sweatshirt. I found this pattern at JoAnne's, along with some light gray fleece. She wants the same jacket as the coat made up in orange-view E. I like the views F & D too (jacket in brown/F & Red/D)

Baby Tayge and his parents are all sick....anywhere from a cold to walking pneumonia. Of course, now I have the sniffles! Argh...I was hoping to make it through without getting sick! (Update:the kids went to the doctor last night-all have some yukky cold/flu thing that is going around...lots of fluids and have to just wait it out)

In Closing:Your favorite read/book...mine....just finished Mitch Albion's "Just one more day". Good, as usual. What are you reading?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'm here!

I've been so busy lately, I forgot to post!

I've been trying to get ready for Fall and the quickly approaching Winter....lots of yard work and cleaning out for charity. I have also been thinking about my wardrobe lately. I am definitely in a slump! Jeans and tees or jeans and sweatshirts. I justify this by saying I babysit alot, which can lead to being spit up on alot, but I was already in this slump way before baby Tayge was born. I use to dress quite well, especially when I was a teen and my mom made alot of my clothes.

I did some Internet searching and first signed up at The Chinese jacket (I love jackets and coats) is one of their freebie patterns....actually, you already have to have a pattern, and they just show you how to convert it to this look. Well, I have an entire box of coat/jacket patterns from children's (grandchildren) thru plus size (me). I was probably attracted to this photo for the color...I love red! I also signed up at Their freebie pattern I liked was for this retro wrap....pretty, huh. I thought, "where would you wear this out in farm land, Suzanne?" I don't know, but I like it! For me, maybe I could make it up in something warmer than taffeta or satin. For that matter, I could make it up in a few different materials.
Lastly, we had a great time last weekend at Peach days. I had decided to get a caramel apple, but they looked yucky (melted in the sun), so I had a couple of bits of V's funnel cake. The girls also shared a bag of cotton candy. Daughter E is determined to lose the last couple of pregnancy pounds, so she was a really good girl....proud of you, Sweetie!
In Closing:What one item (quilting, clothing, scrap booking, crafting, etc.)are you working on right now? Me...I am finishing my nature journal quilt for September and trying to finish the last 3 rows of the row quilt for my Guild. Next...clothes for me!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Fair Food!

We are going to the Brigham City Peach Days celebration tomorrow. It's kind of our annual end-of-the-summer trip. All the kids are meeting us there for the car show, motorcycle show, library book sale and the arts n' crafts fair. Unfortunately, there isn't a quilt show, but I am sure we will see quilt related items for sale.
I have been good ALL summer and have not indulged in any fair food. As I am trying to lose weight to improve my health, this has been really hard for me. I love fair food! I am going to indulge in only one goodie....should it be......
Funnel cake,

a caramel apple, or

cotton candy?

In closing:Completely unrelated subject....daughter V and I went to see the movie "Traveling Pants 2" (it was okay-not great)So, your favorite movie? Mine-"Dancing in the Rain" with Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and Donald O'Connor. How about you?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I got my class list!

I got my class list for the Utah Quilt Guild Annual Quilt Festival! It is being held in Ogden (Utah) this next month. Though I am not taking any classes from them, the National teachers are:
Jane Sassaman

Laura Wasilowski

Karen Stone, and

Louisa Smith (I couldn't find a photo of her, so here's her book)

The festival is being held at the Ogden Eccles Conference Center, that is connected to the Hampton Inn Hotel Center (pictured below).

I have the following classes:

Tuesday-Opening Social to meet the teachers and hear a little about them

Wednesday-all day fabric dyeing class with the Festival luncheon with Jane Sassaman speaking

Thursday-Orphan block class....I may or may not go to it...see how I feel

Friday-Lecture about scrappy quilts and how to use up your fabric stash

The festival runs through Saturday, but I couldn't decide on any classes I really felt the need to take that day. The luncheon that day is the business meeting for the of table centerpieces and other fundraisers. I am really excited about the fabric dyeing class. We are suppose to wear old clothes and bring a 5 gallon bucket, sponge brushes/stamps and any other small containers to practise dyeing techniques. I have a couple (okay, a few!)landscape plans in my brain, but I always stop because I can't find the correct fabrics to do what I want to do. Maybe dyeing my own fabric will change that!

In Closing:Any quilt teacher, local or well known, that you've especially enjoyed taking a class from? Me-it would be a local teacher Carol Johnson, who does amazing journal sized landscape quilts. She's a great teacher too...very easy to understand and very helpful, if you are slow, like me!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Guess where I'm going...

on a cruise to Alaska! Yes! Yipe!!!!!

My dad is taking my siblings and I, along with our spouses, on a cruise of the inside passage of Alaska next June (2009). I am SO excited, I can't stand it!

As soon as we found out, I jumped on the Holland America Cruise site and started looking at the route and some of the port activities. We are going to see Juneau, Skagway, Tracy Arm Fjord (pictured below), and Ketchikan. There is so much to do, it can't possibly all be fitted into just 7 days! I definitely want to go whale watching. I've seen the whales by boat in California and Hawaii, and now I can add Alaska. I think they are beautiful creatures!
Hubby wants to fly in a float plane. He use to live in Alaska in the late 1970's and is really excited to be going back again. He has family that still live in Fairbanks....too far away for us to see though
I am already imagining all the fantastic photos that I can take that can turn into great journal quilts. I love working on the smaller scale of journal quilts.

I think I have decided on my pattern for the September journal challenge...I am going to do a picture based on the photo of Antelope Island I posted earlier this week. I still really like the Arrow Lake photo too, but will save it for a later project.

In Closing:Now that Summer is coming to an end here in the USA, what Fall activity are you looking forward too? Me, I love Fall cooking...pumpkin and squash recipes, hot chocolate with marshmallows and apple juice. How about you...please share!