Thursday, September 27, 2018

I like

I like having the Internet

Everything has it's good and it's
bad qualities. I like to focus on
the good the internet provides me.

I can keep in touch with family
all over the World

I can learn something new from
someone's tutorial.

I can visit-view places.

I like surprise presents

Recently, I was given
a huge box of fabric (friend 
cleaning out her Mother's home)

Fun treasures for me and some
fabric (actually, most of the fabric)
to pass on to others to use.

I like a sense of Community

This past week, one of my
Husbands students passed on.
It is always difficult when a 
young person dies. 

Our community came together
and has taken care of one
another. We have talked, we
have mourned and we will
continue to watch over
one another.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

I like...

I like the Onion harvest season 
on the farms around my home. 

I love the smell of the onions as the
farm trucks drive by. When my kids were
young, we would go on walks carrying bags
and collect onions that had fallen off 
the trucks.

I like Quilt Fest-Conventions-Shows.

This week is the annual Utah Guild Fest.
I am not taking any classes, but I try to
see the show, visit the vendors and 
donate sometime at one of the auction
tables. I like the create energy you
feel around others who like to create.

I like to thrift shop

I like to get something useful at a 
great low price. We have three main
places I shop....Deseret Industries,
Savers and Goodwill. I get clothes
for the grandkids, books, patterns and
occasionally some kitchen supplies.

I like creating without a deadline

I was invited to show in a textile exhibit
at a local art gallery. I knew about the
show for over a year. I tried different
ideas for two art quilts...nothing was
working. I got more and more stressed.

Then...I was okay to not
be part of a show. I have never been
comfortable about showing my work.

So...I declined. 
And the World did not end.
Some folks were not happy, but
it wasn't life shattering.

I like reading a book
Actually turning pages.

I am currently reading

I have many other books piled around to
read next. I grew up with parents who
read all the time. I much rather read
than watch TV.

I like having a day off.

The last few months have been scheduled
like crazy. Today, I have a rare day off.
I may sleep in...or read...or knit...
or whatever I want to do!

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Monday, September 17, 2018

Design Wall Monday

I have not done a Design Wall post for months!

I am attempting to organize my creating time
and hope that posting my intentions will
move me towards more finished projects

Project One
I am doing a second year of BOM at my
local quilt shop K and H Quilt Shoppe
(The are going through some changes in
ownership, so the website is not up-to-date)

This year, the blocks are named after States

August was Rocky Road to California

They provide the main fabric and pattern
and you provide the background...I choose Gray.

September is Arizona

Project Two
I need to complete the Star BOM (from
the same shop) from last year.
I started to put the top together, but
miscalculated the fabric needed to do it.

I purchased a new fabric for the
setting squares. I need to 
un-sew...cut new
the top...deliver it to my quilter.

This quilt is going to be donated
to a fund raiser in November, along with
a tree, for a auction for the local
Women and family shelter.

Project Three

I was given these three books by a 
knitter friend (who's sister is a quilter)
I need to give them a good look over
and decide if I am keeping or passing
them onto someone else.

Project Four
This Thursday-Friday is turn in day
for a textile exhibit at a local 
Art Gallery. I have known about this
show for over a year, and yet, here
I am, at the last minute...

I had planned to do two art quilt pieces.
Then I changed to one piece.
Then, I have been hesitating about
even entering anything.

This piece is not coming together at all.
I am not feeling great about entering
anything, yet I feel an obligation to.
Have you ever had this happen to you?

The piece is going to be wrapped on a 
9 X 24 inch canvas (galleries preferred 
method of display)

I guess I'll see what happens in the 
next two days....

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Thursday, September 13, 2018

I like....

the Positive and Good in the World!

It is easy to get swept into the Worlds
negative and unhappy attitude.
Just watching the TV News
(which I gave up watching about 7 years ago)
can be so depressing and sad.

My "I like" post today is about
Positive acts of Kindness by Others.

1. I like "Be the Good" group on Facebook.

This group was started by a lady in Utah
People can post when they see someone
helping out another. It doesn't have to be a
big production or organization....just
small acts of kindness. The group has car
stickers and t-shirts with the Logo "Be the Good"
Group members can also alert others in the
area of a need.
The group is spreading across the USA.

2. I like the Just Serve website

This is a website operated by the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
(some people refer to them as Mormons)
You do not have to be a member of the
Church to use the website. It is a gathering
of groups who need help in a specific area.
You put in your zip code and Service
opportunities come up. Sometimes it
is a one time date...others are on-going
needs of help.
The groups range from local, government,
religious,Scouts and others just trying
to make a positive difference in the neighborhood.

2. Sharing your talents with others.
Everyone has some kind of talent.
Maybe it is sewing or knitting.
Maybe it is being a good listener.
Maybe you are a great cook or baker.
Whatever your talent, you can
share it in a positive way.
The Sisters at 
(a knitting podcast I discovered on YouTube)
have started a group called Be my Neighbor.
Fashioned after TV Mr Rogers

They are encouraging other Knitters
and Crocheters to make a sweater
(or other item) for someone else.

4. The "I Like" posts at
I love reading the positive and
happy posts by all the bloggers
across the World each Thursday.
It's a great way to begin a day.

A few years ago, I added a daily
goal to my planner-journal to do an
act of kindness each day.
I haven't always completed that
goal, but I keep trying...
Sometimes it's a loaf of fresh baked
bread to someone in need.
Sometimes it is passing on items
I don't use to others who need it.

I like doing Service!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

I like

This week, I like

...finishing some house remodeling.

We have lived in this house for years
and never had a blind at the Kitchen window.
No more Summer heat...
No more being careful that the 
neighbors may see me in my PJ;s.

Next up...

Blinds for two bedrooms and

a glass front storm door.

I like winning a drawing or contest.

I won a drawing from Jacquelynne Steves
and Kathys Quilts blogs during their
Save the Bee's blog hop.

I have already gone thru the book twice!
So many fun blocks!

I like items with a history.
Part of remodeling and updating the house
is cleaning out years of items we have collected.

Some of the items we are keeping...

my Grandmothers side table and a
copy of my Great Grandmothers 
embroidery work.

My Husband is a wood worker, so we have
many handmade items in our home. This
bowl was made from various types of
wood. It sits on a wood tray he also made for me.

A paper wreath my Mom made back in the 1960's.
I inherited it when she passed on many years ago.
It hangs on the door to my studio,

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