Sunday, March 17, 2013

Stash Report/Quilting Day

Did you do anything special to celebrate
National quilting day?
I went to my local celebration that
was put together by 10 local quilt
groups in Northern Utah.
I wish I had taken more photos...sorry!
We had trunk shows and free demos.
We had a silent auction for baskets
and beautiful wall hangings
(I got out bid!)
And, of course, we had a quilt show.
I enjoyed myself, but I was a little distracted
by others events....namely....
the birth of our newest granddaughter!
Here she is with my Husband....
We also had a death of a beloved Grandmother
within our extended family this week,
so it has been a little crazy....
My fabric stash has not changed at shopping...
Maybe this next week will slow down...
Yeah...probably not!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Stash Bust Report-Feb 2013

Feb 2013 Stash Busting Report:
I sew/created/made absolutely
NOTHING during the month of February!
I spent much of my time:
1.Taking care of a granddaughter
2.Birthday trip to California
3.Being (currently) sick
So...I am still at 13.5 yards busted.
March has got to be better.....