Sunday, June 23, 2013

Stash Report

I am SO close to finishing
multiple projects....and I do not
count my fabric in the "used"
category until a project is finished.... changes.
Still at 25 yards used of a 100 yard goal!
And I have not purchased any fabric....
I need to start setting goals and staying
accountable to those goals, so...
This week:
Sew on borders on Scrappy Star QOV top

Buy/make backing for QOV top
Make binding for QOV top
Get QOV top over to quilters
Vacuum & dust studio
Sew yarn bag for gift (by Saturday's gift exchange)
How are you doing with your sewing goals?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

On the Needle

Wow...did not realize how long I have
NOT posted here in blog land.
One month can go so quickly! 
I have been working most Fridays,
so I keep missing the posting time.

This is a finished shawl I donated to
a friends Prayer Shawl Ministry.
It was crocheted using Homespun
in the color called Fiesta. I still have
3 skeins of the Fiesta. May do another
shawl (knitted) for her group.

When you donated your first shawl,
my friend gives you this cute little
knit pin as a thank you!
This is one of my two current
knit projects...knitting another shawl.
Not sure if I am going to keep this
one for myself. I really like the
blue color from Caron.

My other knit project is my first's going very photo.
What are you working on?