Monday, July 31, 2017

We are cruisin' now.....

Yesterday I posted a photo of various scrappy
quilt blocks. I took a closer look at them and
realized I did not sew many of them. Not sure
why they were in my scraps bag.

I decided to spend a while sewing today and...

...finished another comfort quilt donation.

I made the center log cabin blocks from
1.5 inch scraps. The two borders
around it are all the scrappy blocks.

It was great to use them all up!

Onto the next project....

Sunday, July 30, 2017

I am ready for some changes...

I am married to a school teacher
and I use to substitute teach for years.
Many folks set New Years goals in
January, but in our household, new plans 
and goals start with the new school year.
(which is mid August)

I am ready for some changes.

I am excited to create and sew and knit

I need to make some health changes too.


I am enrolled in a weight loss-get healthy
program starting in August through a
local hospital. It is not surgery, but classes
to learn how to eat healthy and exercise.

I am setting some sewing-creating goals too.

To start off, using up bags and bags (and bags)
of scraps. I was saving them for a friend, but
she changed her mind and I already had them
cut in usable sizes, so

I started sewing blocks to be used in
charity-comfort quilts for our local
Family shelter and Police department.

It is almost an addiction, once you get started.
I began with the 1.5 inch strips and have
worked my way through the bags.

I have many, many more to sew.....

My local quilt group has a yearly bingo
party. Everyone donates quilt-sewing items
for the prizes. This year, I won a 
quilt frame.

I will be setting it up for some Fall and
Winter hand quilting...when the weather
cools down.

This weeks goals:

Sew on binding on Be My Neighbor quilt
Finish binding by hand sewing it
Sew more comfort blocks.

Today, for my Sunday Slow Stitching,
I am going to work on one of my
unfinished needlepoint projects.

What are you creating?