Thursday, October 9, 2008

Finally...a photo!

Man can walk on the moon, we can talk to a screen and see the person on the other side of the World, but it takes me an entire 2 weeks to get one photo posted! I must be the most computer challenged person on this Planet! Thank you to daughter V who finally got this photo on her phone, which she sent to my e-mail, that I saved to My Pictures.

This is my September Journal Quilt for the theme of "How do I view Nature". It is my version of a photo of Antelope Island, which is about 7 miles from here. I hand dyed the fabrics for the the Island, as well as the Borders. I tried to play with some thread painting to bring out the beach grasses along the path. My October view of nature thru a done too. Maybe if I tempt V with some chocolate, she can take a photo of that quilt too.

On to other things quilted related: I got a call from a lady named Rachel here in Utah. She runs a service group called Quilters Without Borders. It is a inter-faith group that meets in the Salt Lake area once a month to tie quilts for those in need. Each month, a different church sponsors the meeting at their church building. So far, the LDS/Mormons, Methodist, Jewish, and Zionist churches have had a turn. She is looking for someone to organize a similar group here in my area. I am debating about being that organizer. I would enjoy tying quilts with others each month, but I'm not sure if I am up to being the Head Girl. I'll have to give it some more thought..... My quilt group is also having their elections for next years board-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the planning committee. I may have a place on the Board again this year. Can I do both? Do I want to do both?

In Closing:I am going to steal the subject from my brother's blog....what's you favorite ice cream?Me....Baskin Robins 31 flavors chocolate and peanut butter. How about you?


Jen said...

Annie LOVES her birthday card- she got it yesterday, and carried it around all day, showing people her "birthday letter". It is on her dresser next to her bed now. Thank you!

Lorraine said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment on our new addition! she is just beautiful and the little family is doing well!......and for your question what is my fave icecream...would have to be (and I know I am boring!) but I just love vanilla....!!

katelnorth said...

Hi Suzanne - love the journal quilt, especially the way you've done the grasses, etc. Welcome to the challenge quilts group - look forward to seeing your work!

Not sure about ice cream, though I have to say, I also am very fond of a good vanilla. I also like blackberry icecream, when we make it in the summer from local, freshly picked blackberries. Then again, I make most of my own ice cream, so the possibilities are endless, I guess!

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