Monday, September 15, 2008

Fall clothing for V

Daughter V needs a couple of new jackets.......something casual, but not a hoodie or sweatshirt. I found this pattern at JoAnne's, along with some light gray fleece. She wants the same jacket as the coat made up in orange-view E. I like the views F & D too (jacket in brown/F & Red/D)

Baby Tayge and his parents are all sick....anywhere from a cold to walking pneumonia. Of course, now I have the sniffles! Argh...I was hoping to make it through without getting sick! (Update:the kids went to the doctor last night-all have some yukky cold/flu thing that is going around...lots of fluids and have to just wait it out)

In Closing:Your favorite read/book...mine....just finished Mitch Albion's "Just one more day". Good, as usual. What are you reading?


JudyL said...

That's so cute! I like all the views. Sorry the little family is sick. Hope they're all better soon and sure hope you're not getting it.

Gina said...

Great coat pattern.
Sorry you are not feeling too good. You'll all be in my thoughts.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Our family said...

Mom!! I have a few minutes and you're on the internet so I can't get through . . . Question. Can you look at that costume pattern this afternoon when I pick up Tayge and help me figure out what I need and how to get started?? I'm going to do it . . . I'm going to do it . . . I'm going to do it . . . I'll just keep telling myself I CAN do it. We shall see!! LOL! Love you!

amandajean said...

I like the jacket pattern!