Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow & Days 3-5 of 12 days of Christmas

Have you ever dreamed of having a white Christmas....well, we've got one. Schools are shutting down early, folks are slip-sliding away off the roads, and I am staying snug as a bug in my studio for as long as I can. I share with you a photo of a cabin up by Snowbird resort. Continuing with the 12 Days of Christmas project from our daughter....

Day 3 card:
On the 3rd day of Christmas my cute grandson brought to me...
I did get French hens,
but since I'm learning to eat, hungry I got.
Mom ended up cooking them in a great big pot.
So how about 5 highlighters pens, instead of hens?
Love T

We use highlighters all the time, especially my Hubby the teacher. They will be well used!

Day 4 card:
On the 4th day of Christmas my cute grandson brought to me...
Four calling birds, what is with that?
I am much more handsome the way I have sat.
Replace the picture through the years.
It will be a great keepsake, it will one day bring happy tears
Love T

They gave us a beautiful black frame with a picture of T in his handsome tux suit. Also with the frame was another photo of me with both my beautiful daughters...I have some pretty cute kids!
Day 5 card:
On the 5th day of Christmas, my cute grandson brought to me...
Five golden rings-don't you think that is rather extreme?
We love you dearly, but that much money is a dream!
Family is golden and they are your lifesavers whether you're young or old.
So lifesavers are better than rings!
(Well, I got out of that one! I'm getting good at this thing!)
Love T

You guessed it...a box filled with lifesaver candies....yummy!

Looking forward to tonight's gift!

Don't think I forgot my giveaway coming up with the big 100 post!


Ann J said...

No snow in Brittany I'm afraid! I've really enjoyed your '12 Days of Christmas' postings!! My very best wishes for a Wonderful Holiday !...Luv AJ

MarkS said...

Merry Christmas! Thanks for your comment on my blog post. If your computer can handle it, I've added links in the song titles to Youtube videos, so you can see what "Some Children See Him" sounds like.