Sunday, September 10, 2017

Creating in a crazy World

I do not watch TV, but lately, our
media viewing has tripled with all
the crazy weather going on.

Our daughter's family went through
an evacuation when their town
caught on fire this last week.
Thank goodness there was no loss
of life. The fire was stopped
about 6 houses away from her home.

After watching your family go 
through such an experience, it
makes you appreciate that time
with family is always more 
important than "things".

I am continuing my knitting of hats
for the November fund raiser for
our local family shelter.

I am using leftover yarn from my
stash, as well as, yarn gifted to me.

For my 
I will be un-stitching a quilt top.

I made this quilt for my Husband 
many moons ago. A friend suggested
I tie it, instead of quilting it. 

I tied it, and have disliked it ever
since I gifted it to him. The ties
did not hold and the batting has
shifted, causing thin spots.

I am going to un-sew it, repair
some ripped seams (from the
ties) and remake the backing.

What are you stitching today?

(BTW....the cat in the photo is Poppy.
She is a rescue kitty someone
dumped at my daughters home
2 years ago. She has adopted the
quilt as her own)