Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fabric stash report

I love when I have something to report....

Fabric in this week: 0 yards
Fabric in YTD: 33 yards

Fabric out this week: 13.5 yards
Fabric out YTD: 88.5 yards

Fabric adjustment: 55.5 yards used so far!

I don't have any other quilted tops that need binding,
so my numbers are going to slow down for a while.

This week's goals

Health and Weight:
Eat breakfast everyday
Exercise 30 minutes each day
Register my food and exercise on Sparkspeople

Make and Create:
Sew PJ bottoms for daughter
Finish May bird block
Start crib bedding for newest granddaughter (3 more weeks)

What are you doing this week?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A new market tote

I finished the Winslow Market Tote
from the International Quilt Festival:Quilt Scene
Winter 2009-1010 edition.

I printed the pattern from
Quilting TV-session 6

I like how it went together...quite easy.
I added a double pocket to the inside.

Definitely a pattern I would do again.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Another quilt finish
and I am keeping this one...
it's mine, mine, mine!!!!

The main block is called a crazy 9-patch.
It a regular 9-patch block (3 rows of 3 squares each)
but then it s sliced up and resewn together.
Of course, it is done in all reds (with a little black)

I'm going to name it "Dressed to the crazy red Nines"
Slept under it last night....very nice and cozy during the thunderstorms.

Yeah...another finish!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fabric stash report

No new changes this week.
I went to Colorado for a High School Graduation.
No sewing for me at all!

I am doing something a little new with my weekly goals tho....

Someone once told me a dream stays just a dream,
unless you write it down and share it with others,
then it becomes a goal.

My goal: To lose 50 pounds by my 50th birthday.
(wow, that was scary to say out loud!)

That gives me about 9 months.
As long as it takes to make a baby
3/4 of a year
About 39 weeks

This week, I am also keeping track
(started at midnight as of today)
of how I spend my time for one whole week=168 hours
I want to see how much I really get accomplished
(or not)
during an average week.

This could be interesting.....

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Family dinner with cake!

We get together for the kids birthdays
and celebrate with dinner and dessert

Unfortunately, my sweet daughter V
birthday fell the day after her Dad's surgery
and her older sister's baby shower,
so she kind of got skipped over.

We made up for it tonight with dinner
and a cake of her choosing.

V is 8 months pregnant...only 4 more weeks!

Love this photo of my Handsome son!

Granddaughter H

Grandson T-cake face!

Newest granddaughter E

Love my family so much!

Headed out to Colorado tomorrow...all alone...
Have never been alone on vacation ever!

Have a great week!

Maybe you know...

I'm headed out to Colorado for a few days.
Around the Colorado Springs/Monument/South Denver area.

Any sewist out there want to recommend
the good fabric-quilting-yarn shops I should visit?

Thanks in advance!

Stash Busting Report

I had such wonderful sewing plans for this week.
I was going to have many new garments sewn
for the grand kids.
Finish the binding on another quilt
in the UFO pile.

Then real life found me! lol!

Fabric in this week: 0 yards
Fabric in YTD: 33 yards

Fabric used this week: 2 yards
Fabric used YTD: 75 yards

YTD fabric adjustment: 42 yards used

Normally this is where I set my goals for the week
for Making & Creating and weight loss,
but I am headed out on a mini vacation
where I will not have time or space to sew.

There's always next week....

How are you doing with your sewing goals?

Friday, May 13, 2011

KCWC Spring 2011

I joined in the Kids Clothing Weekl sewing project for this week.
I had great plans of sewing up a huge pile of
Spring/Summer clothes for the Grandchildren.

Then reality

I have sewn a few things....

One of my favorite Simplicity patterns from 1989.
I use to sew lots of dresses and jumpers for my kids from this pattern,
and now I am using it for the Grand kids.

Great quick McCalls pattern from 1993.
Using up scraps and making lots of
warm weather PJ shorts.

I have done some other sewing....
Pictures to follow.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fabric stash busting

We've had some warm weather here,
which puts me in a healthy, creative mood,
so I got something done....finally

Finished one of my UFO's- I think from April-

(the colors are much nicer than the photo shows)

Fabric in this week: 0 yards
Fabric in YTD: 33 yards

Fabric out this week: 5.5 yards
Fabric out YTD: 73 yards

Total use: 40 yards of 100 yard goal

Goals for May 9-14:

Create & Make:
Sew for Kids Clothing Week Challenge (see sidebar)
Binding on red 9-patch quilt
Get hand sewing project ready for trip

Health & Weight:
List food diary every day on Sparkspeople
Begin 30 min/map exercise project
Walk everyday

Hope your week is spectacular!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Flowers and nature

Today's HMQS photos are nature themed.

Love the hand painting on this quilt (above)

Beautiful quilt center

Love this poem!

I'm off to cuddle with my new granddaughter.

More tomorrow.....

Friday, May 6, 2011

Journal Quilt at HMQS

Today's post is the photos of
journal quilts from the HMQS in Salt Lake.

Unfortunately, I did not write down the quilt titles or makers...

This quilt above, is made by a friend,
Kaye Evans of Utah.
Her work is exceptional!

Tomorrow...more photos....

Thursday, May 5, 2011

HMQS in Salt Lake, Utah

Each year I work at the HMQS
(Home Machine Quilting Show)
in Salt Lake in the QOV (Quilts of Valor) booth.

The show is always great,
and this year was no exception.
The quilt show was absolutely huge.
There were alot of vendors from all over the USA.

I took alot of photos....
Unfortunately, I had to use my camera phone,
so the quality is not superior.

This post I will share the garment entries I liked:

Close up of a stippled long coat with
a Asian themed applique across the front.

Heavily quilted jacket front
with button squares on point.
The sleeves were a filmy silk print.

Heavily stippled jacket of
(I think) hand dyed fabric.
Little bits and scraps of fabric
were caught randomly with the quilting.

A large display of clothing,
compared to other years.

Tomorrow, I'll post some quilt photos.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

She has arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My newest granddaughter!
7lb 14oz of pure love!

Inky feet after they took her foot prints

Chubby cheeks just waiting for kisses!

My beautiful daughter,
who looked amazing after just giving birth!

She already has my Heart!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One last photo...

A last photo of my two daughters pregnant at the same time!

Daughter E (on the right holding her son)
is headed to the hospital today.

Daughter V still has 6 weeks.

Of course, this photo was taken
at Joann's Fabric store.
E was buying fabric to make a
baby carrier canopy for her daughter to be.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


I signed up and have been doing some work
on my UFO's for Judy's 2011 UFO project.

Unfortunately, I have yet to fully complete my monthly project.

Judy pulled the #9 for May-
my #9 is my scrappy stars and stripes wall hanging,
It needs t be quilted and finished.

Maybe if I get it quilted quickly, I can add the binding
while I am sitting around the house
waiting fr granddaughters to be born.

Fabric stash report

Crazy week with no sewing!

My husband is slowly recovering surgery,
which has translated into me doing many things
that I normally don't do here at home.

Trash duty and mowing lawns....
I have discovered something-
I am a kept woman!

I also spent some time in Idaho with my family.
My Nephew was too young to die,
but I am so glad he is not in pain anymore.

Goals for May 2-7:

Make & Create:
Binding on granddaughters quilt
Embroidery on May Bird block
Attend HMQ show in Salt Lake
(working at the QOV booth on Thursday morning-come see me!)

Health & Weight:
Walk each day (Mon-Sat)
Plan & make dinner daily-no fast food
No cow dairy-almond milk only

What are your plans for the week?