Monday, December 29, 2008

My favorite quilt

I have a section in my right side bar here at Minou's Minute where I show my favorite quilt each month. Sometimes it is a quilt of my own making, but usually it is a beautiful creation I have seen at a show or on the internet. My quilt chapter meeting last month was a group show n' tell where each lady showed/told about her favorite quilt. Judy at Patchwork Times has a post about her favorite quilt (go over and read the story-it's quite nice)

So, following Judy's advice, here is my favorite quilt! It is a Dresden plate, begun by my Grandmother Ruby back in the 1950's here in Utah. A couple of the plates were pieced, plus some were just cut out when she passed on in the late 1980's. My mom inherited the UFO and passed it onto me a few years later. Mom would quilt a baby blanket or help out with a charity quilting bee at Church occasionally, but quilting was not her thing....she created beautiful clothing! I finished the piecing and a friend, Keri H., helped me handquilt it for my mom's 75th birthday. She hung the quilt in the stairway leading down to the basement of their Utah home. When mom passed on a few years ago, dad downsized to a smaller condo, and gave me the quilt. It's the only thing I own that I hand quilted myself...everything else hand quilted were gifts.

I like having this multi-generational creation in my home. It reminds me alot of my Grandmother in the 1940-1950's colors.

In Closing: Do you have a favorite quilt? Maybe something you made or purchased that brings back really good memories....Share, please!


It's me. said...

I love reading this story! I too inherited a quilt block my grandma started but never finished. It's a large Lonestar block and would make a perfect sized wall hanging. I really need to do something with it. It's a shame not to. Thanks for sharing!

You should consider opening up your comments to non-blogger people. I have a blog but I host it myself and use wordpress, so "open ID" doesn't work for me either. You have a great blog here and would get a ton of comments if you had open comments. Just my 2 cents!

MarkS said...

Fascinating, particularly since we share the same grandma. If there are any others uninitiated to quilting, here's an explanation of Dresden plate:

And I guessed correctly that a UFO is an UnFinished Object...

JudyL said...

How nice! I wish I had something from my grandma.

Suzanne said...

Thanks for the comments all. IT'S ME-I think I fixed it so non-bloggers can comment...I am not computer smart, so I hope I haven't made it more difficult. Mark-thanks for the website! Judy-thanks for the original post idea!