Monday, September 22, 2008

Busy week, but aren't they all!

This weeks to-do list:

Monday/Today:Visiting teachers (women's church group) coming for a monthly visit, house cleaning, new tire for car, gather items for tomorrows fabric dyeing class, purchase clear, water soluble stabilizer to finish journal quilt for September (Update: I have been visited, hubby thinks he can repair the tire, I gathered my dyeing items, and I finished my September Journal quilt-even the binding!)

Tuesday:More house cleaning, babysit baby Tayge, leave nice dinner for Hubby & daughter V, attend Teacher meet n' Greet at Quilt Fest

Wednesday:All day fabric dyeing class at Quilt Fest, luncheon with Jane Sassaman speaking, hopefully win a prize during class or luncheon, come home to a home cooked meal not made by me

Thursday:Clean and cook, babysit Tayge, make something yummy for recipe club, go to recipe club and eat yummy things and learn to crochet thick pot holders

Friday:The usual....clean, cook & baby. Hopefully get finishing touches on journal quilt done.Attend evening quilt lecture at Quilt Fest with friend T.

Saturday:Sleep cleaning or baby. Work on various projects (fleece jacket, other clothes, Christmas projects), make cookies for women's broadcast refreshments, attend baby shower for newest great-great nephew, attend annual Women's (church)dinner and television broadcast at the church house with Daughter E., get meal ready for the Sabbath

Sunday:Sleep in, read paper, Church, maybe have the kids over for boardgames and some good talk.

Okay, that's my week....not too busy!

I have no way of posting a photo of the completed journal top of Antelope Island I am doing for the journal challenge.....but here is the photo it is based on. I will hopefully get a photo posted soon...bear with me folks! In closing:Which way do you work better...with or without a to do list? I am a list person. Share, please!


Kris said...

Yes! They all are busy weeks. Fabric dying classes??? Boy that sounds like fun!

Peggy said...

I do best with a list.

I must be happy for what's off the list at the end of the day though!

Can hardly wait to see your journal quilt. The photo of it is amazing!

Gina said...

I haven't really started my journal yet. I think I'll be doing two of them next month.
I don't work to a list. Then I can't panic about how much I haven't done.

LOve and hugs Gina xxx

JudyL said...

Sounds pretty busy! I have to have a list -- can hardly function without them. I have lists for everything -- menu, cleaning chores, quilts to work on, grocery lists, etc.