Wednesday, May 23, 2018

I like #5

I like Fuzzy Faces!

I grew up with cats in the
House. My Husband grew 
up with large dogs outside
the House.

We combined out love for
fuzzy faces and have had both
cats and dogs!

This is Minou (Me-new) who lived
with us for 18 years. She was a 
rescue kitty we adopted from our
county shelter. She was sweet,
a wonderful mouser and loved
to cuddle. My blog is named after
her....Minou's Minute.

This is Isabel, who was called
Izzy. She was also a rescue kitty
our daughter snuck into the House.
Literally...she hide her in her 
bedroom thinking we wouldn't
notice the meowing coming
from behind the closed door.
She was a good mouser too
(we have farms all around us)

Not to be outdone in the rescue
department, our son brought
home two dogs! They are
brother-sister from the same
litter (different fathers).

The pup on the right is Corvette
or Vettie. Her brother is on the
left...his name is Mustang or

Mustang was my dog. He was
goofy and protected me whenever
we went for a walk. He was also
scared of thunderstorms (like me)
so we would sit together during
a storm in the kitchen. He would
cry with his head on my leg while
I read a book aloud to him.

Vettie was also a goof who hid
all the toys from her brother and
chewed thru wood and sheetrock
and destroyed my laundry room.

I still miss them both 2 years later.

Last, but not least, is our kitty,
Poppy. Another rescue, who was
dumped at my daughters place a
couple of Winters ago. She was
a feral cat when she came to live
with us, which was a little difficult for
all of us for a few months.
She still hides from everyone, but
 fits in perfect. She plays fetch
with my Husband and cuddles under
the covers with us at night. She
lives up to her nickname, Devil Kitty!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Monday making...a new week!

When I was younger, I didn't
always like Mondays. I read
something about changing your
outlook and viewing a Monday
as a new start...
You can do anything!

This new Monday, I have decided
to start using the 168 hour 
organization program again.

What is 168 Hour, you ask?

Everyone has 168 hours in a week.
You decide how you use those
168 hours.

Some hours are always
preset. Everyone needs to sleep
(9 hours) and eat 3 meals (3 hours)
each day.

Other activities are you to choose.
I schedule 1 hour a day for personal
care (shower, teeth brush, get ready)
and 1 hour for personal time (30
minutes for scripture study and
30 minutes for journal writing)

I have scheduled 15 hours a week
for creating. For me, that includes
sewing, quilting and knitting.

How do you schedule your time?
What do you do with your 168 hours?

For sewing this week:

Sew my May star BOM from my
LQS, K & H Quilts.

Second, I plan to sew....

I found 20 of this block 
as I was cleaning and moving
boxes (for the plumber)

They are all made of solid fabrics.
I am not sure when I made the
blocks or for what purpose. 
They will, most likely, be sewn
into a comfort quilt to be donated.

What are you creating this week?

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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Slow Sunday Stitch

It's a beautiful day for
                                                                     Slow Sunday Stitching                                                                       
Today, I will be working on
my Christmas Cross-stitch.

I have the outline stitches and
a few words to stitch and then
it is finished! 

I went to an Estate Sale a few weeks
ago and purchased some pillow
embroidery kits from the 1950-60's.

 I decided to organize my hand stitch
projects into one box. Oh my...what
a large box! I better get busy....

I also organized a basket with fabric 
to be sewn into (grand) children clothes.

I need to get busy, don't I....

What are you creating?

Thursday, May 17, 2018

I like #4

I like the Beach and Ocean

I grew up no more than about
3 miles from the Beach
until I went off to College.

When  I was a little girl, my
brother took me to the beach.
We would walk along the sand
and count our steps.
One, Two, Three...
on Four, we would jump.
I still do that when I 
walk on a beach.

I love to sit on the shore and
watch the Sun set. The colors
are amazing, especially after
a storm.

I like to watch the shore birds.
They run out as the waves
recede to eat up the creatures
left by the Ocean, then run
back up the Sand as the
waves come back.

I like the Power of the Ocean!
It is beautiful and inspiring
and can be dangerous,
all at the same time.

Monday, May 14, 2018


I normally try to post what
I am sewing and/or is on
my Design Wall on Mondays.

Not today...

My house is under construction.

At least, it was suppose to be 
this last Saturday, but the 
Plumber did not show up.

Everything is in a state of
messy piles....EVERYWHERE!

Some walls are sheet rocked
(but not taped)
Some are not....

I will try and get my BOM
Star block made for May.

Oh...this is going to drive
me absolutely crazy!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

I like #3

I like to Garden!

I have discovered the fun 
of growing my own flowers 
and food.

I love to grow flowers

Especially from bulbs.

I like to grow a food Garden.

We have strawberries planted
with our flowers. My husband
has done most of the weeding
and harvesting the last couple
of years because of snakes.

I do not like snakes!

I like having all the color
of fresh veggies and fruits,
like our yearly pumpkins.

This year, we are growing
our garden to give away to
those who need food.

The plan is to grow tomatoes,
zucchini, pumpkins and

What do you like to grow?

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Slow Sunday Stitch

It's going to be a beautiful
Sabbath Day. The Sun is
shining AND it is warm!

I will be doing some embroidery
on some quilt blocks or a
pillow case

And....speaking of pillowcases....

I went to an Estate Sale this week

Rooms and rooms of fabric,
yarn, knitting items and
embroidery kits!

I purchased a small box of
needles, marking pencils
and assorted other items.
I won't have to buy 
needles for years!

Oops...can't turn the photo around...

I also bought a few packets of
pillowcase kits...all complete and
never opened. They are from
the 1950-1960's. 

I have many hours of stitching
in my future!

What are you stitching today?

Thursday, May 3, 2018

I like #2-Music


From my earliest
childhood memories, there has
always been music in my life

During the Good, the Bad and
the really Awful, I have a 
musical memory.

I was adopted into a musical family.

My Parents and Brothers could all sing
They sang in Church.
They sang in stage productions.
They sang at family functions.

(I can sing pretty well, in a choir
or family group. Solo'!)

Some of favorite music memories...

Show respect and pride:
No matter where or when 
the National Anthem is played,
I always put me hand on my heart and sing

(my nephew, a police officer)
It shows support and pride for my Country
and all the good that is possible

Sharing my thoughts and feelings:
I have songs that express my 
thoughts in the best way.

When I had Cancer (many years ago)
I planned my entire funeral.
I even picked the music. My
kids know this and have promised
to try and include my songs.


I want those left to be comforted
and know my thoughts and feelings.

Be Positive and Happy:
Sometimes, you just need some music 
to make you feel deep
meaning, but just get up and dance!

I like music!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Thank you, Dad, for your example

My Dad was a pilot during
World War two for the 
United States Air Force

He served with the 
390th, piloting a
B-17 Bomber Airplane named
the Liquidator

Towards the end of the War,
he gladly helped in the
food drops over Holland.

You can read about it Here
It was called 
Operation Chowhound
This week, it is the 73rd
Anniversary of the Operation

I am so proud of him and
his crew and all the men
who helped those in
need in the war torn World.

Love you, Dad!