Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sabbath dinner with the Family

Once a month, we get all our
children and their children
together for a family dinner.

I grew up far away from my
Grandparents, so I only saw them
once a year. I love having the
kids just a car ride away.

Tonight, they are all going to
exchange Christmas gifts
and eat dinner and talk.
It is going to loud and crazy and

I finished the binding on some
quilts this week. I can not post
a full photo of either quilt,
because the quilt has not been
gifted yet.

This is a little bit of my Husbands
Christmas gift. 
It is called the Town Square Quilt 
The link is

Angela made it with a white background,
but I did not have enough white fabric,
so I used black. 

I do not do much traditional block
piecing anymore, so this was
a fun quick project to use up scraps.

Today, I hope to get in some more
binding stitching on one last
gift quilt, but I still need to finish 
up decorating the house for the party.

I also need to make my 
So many projects to choose from...
SO MANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are you working on?

Monday, December 11, 2017

Back to what worked in the Past

For a few years, I use to post a
weekly to-do/goal list here at
my blog of what I wanted to sew

Somewhere, somehow, I stopped
making that list and created by
deadlines...usually at the last minute.

Back to a Monday posted list for me!

This week: 11-17 December

Finish the binding on V's quilt
Finish the binding on J's quilt
Finish the binding on W's quilt
Finish tying B's camper quilt
Finish knitting W's hat

Yup....I better get busy!

Sunday, December 10, 2017's a comin'.....

Normally, I set goals in the Fall
when my Husband goes back to
School and the weather turns cool.

I have never been a New Years
Resolution kind of girl, but...
This year, I am feeling the
need to major changes and
reorganization in my Life.

I have already decided to
participate in the 2018 UFO challenge
You make a list of 12 UFO projects
you would like to work on...can be a
combo of different arts...knitting...

I am thinking of also doing the
scrappy quilt challenge at
Persimon Dreams

I have my Trip around the World
hand sewn quilt top that
is almost at the quilting stage.
I could have it done by December 2018!

I also want to find some Art Quilt
Challenges to enter during the year.
Do you have any blogs or websites
I could visit for challenges?

Another change is my Health.
Without going into too much detail,
I need to get healthier...especially
my Liver...lose some weight would
be nice too. I have started with
a program at a local Hospital, but
need to keep progressing forward! 10 year anniversary
is coming up as blogger.
I want to do something to celebrate,
but am at a loss to know what o do...
Any suggestions?

I am still doing binding on 
Christmas gift quilts. I am getting 
another quilt on Tuesday from my
quilter, so it just keeps going on and on
(and on..........)

What are you working on?

Friday, December 8, 2017

Plans for 2018

I am ready to start making plans for 2018

What do I want to create?
Where do I want to go and explore?
How do I envision the next year?

I definitely need to finish some WIP,
both in quilting and knitting. 

I am going to join Judy at
with her 12 month-12 project list.
You can list any 12 projects...knitting,
quilting, sewing, whatever.
Each month Judy will choose a number
1-12, and you do that number off your list.

I am also planning a big trip in the Summer
to see family and attend a wedding. I am
also going to see two I have
not seen in years!

My Weigh to Health program is still 
on-going thru July of 2018. I have stalled
out on weight loss, but I am recommitting
to getting healthy again.

What are you looking forward to for 2018?

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Art quilt Challenges for 2018-2019

I am challenging myself to enter one
or two art competitions in the next 
year. Of course, it would be nice to
win, but more important, to challenge
and push myself.

I want to share some of the contest
info I have found for 2018-2019. If you
have a quilt challenge that is open
to residents of the USA, being
held during 2018, please let me know

American Icon Art Competition:

Sacred Threads:

Sewing and Quilt Fest of New Jersey: 
New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania 

New Quilts from an Old Favorite:
2019 Theme-Oak Leaf & Reel

International Quilt Fest 2019:
Blue and White Quilts

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Tis the Season to create...and sew...

I love Christmas!

I enjoy the Celebration of
Christmas with family and
friends and food with it all
wrapped up in Happiness and Love!

Here is a photo of the completed
Three Wise Men Dolls I posted
about back on 12 November. All
stuffed and sewn up.

I will be displaying them at our local
Creche Festival this weekend. I
love seeing all the Nativities from
all over the World together.

My friend, Nicole, lived in England
for a few years and shares her
experiences with her friends.
This weekend, we went to her
home to make Door Greeters or
Pine Swags


She provided the fresh cut Pine
branches and we brought items
to decorate. I added Pinecones
(from Nicole), bows and a 
says "A Savior is Born".

Beyond fabric and thread, other
creating endeavors are usually
out of my comfort zone, but this
one was fun (and a little pokey 
on the hands)

Today, for my
I will be finishing miles and
miles of binding on quilts. I
do not have any photos, because
the future quilt owners may read
my blog. 

What are you Stitching?

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Getting ready for Christmas

I love Christmas!

I love celebrating Christmas!

I love decorating for Christmas.

I have three decorating themes
that I change up each year for
Christmas....The Nativity,
The Ocean and Trees and Birds.

I usually decorate every other year
with The Nativity, and the other
years with either the Ocean or Nature.

This year, it is the Nativity.

Years ago, I purchased some
preprinted panels of three
Wise Men  dolls. I added 
embroidery, then sewed and stuff
a set for two out of three of my
children's families. 

I have another set ready to stuff
and hand sew for my daughters
family. Hopefully I will also
finish a last set for me too.

I am going to continue working on
the cross-stitch Nativity banner
(I have posted about the last month)
but it may not be finished this year.

What are you Slow Sunday Stitching?

Sunday, November 5, 2017

I am in the creating zone!

I am attempting to plan and finish
my projects on a deadline for the
Holidays this year. In the past, I
was a last minute kind of creator,
but I am trying to change that habit.

Here is my Slow Sunday Stitch 
project from three weeks ago.

And here it is today...

I still have some wording, leaves 
and a few flowers to cross-stitch.

I think I started this kit about
15 years ago. Amazing, the
things you find when you clean
out-downsize your sewing room!

What are you creating today?

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Fall has arrived!

Fall weather is in full swing here in Utah.
Cold nights with warmish days.
Switched out my flip flops for boots and
t-shirts for sweaters and scarves.

I always begin my Christmas plans
in October. I make a list of 
sewing-knitting-quilting projects 
I want to accomplish for the Season.

I cleaned out my Christmas project
box this weekend. I have a huge pile
of Christmas themed fabric to donate.

I also found a bunch of ornaments I
started sometime....

I don't know why or for whom
I began to sew them for...

They are finished now and will be
donated to the Evergreen fundraiser.
Evergreen raises funds for the local
Women and Family Shelter.

For my Sunday Slow Stitching, I am
going to work on this cross-stitch
sampler, also found in the Christmas
project box.

Another project I do not remember
starting. It needs a good ironing,
doesn't it! I have a lamb to
complete, plus the wording and
all the outlining. I think I will
keep this one for me.

What are you working on?