Friday, September 4, 2015

On the Needle-4 Sep

This week, I am starting to
organize and begin projects
for Christmas. I am a very
slow beginner knitter, so I
have to start early!
My husband is a teacher
and the crossing guard. The
Winter weather can be
nasty sometimes, so I am
knitting him a few hats
for his Christmas.
This week, I just started
the Ruben Hat by
Trelly Hernandez.

It is a free pattern I found
I am knitting it in wool
that is a dark moss green color
I have never done cables
before, so this will be a
learning experience for me.
What is On the Needle at your house?

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Slow stitching Sunday

The time has arrived.
No more 9-5. No deadlines.
No appointments.
I am a stay home woman again!
A new chapter in my life.
And going with that new chapter,
I am trying to be better organized
in my sewing/knitting/handiwork.
I organized my studio and found
4 cross stitch projects that are
way over due to be finished.
I am starting with the oldest
project: Fish wall hanging.

I was raised near the ocean and
 love ocean-beach themed d├ęcor.
This one is destined
for the bathroom wall.

Fabric report-30 Aug

So, a new chapter in my life
begins this week.
I am a stay home woman
once again. No 9-5 job.
No deadlines or appointments.
I have taken a new
pledge to myself:
No purchasing of Fabric or Yarn
for the next 12 months
(my husband suggested 18 months)
I have taken the pledge before
and have succeeded, so I know
it is a doable goal.
Today, my fabric stash begins
Fabric in: 0 yards
Fabric out: 0 yards
Let the sewing begin....

Friday, August 28, 2015

On the Needle 28 Aug

I am beginning to knit for
Fall birthdays and Christmas.
I am a very slow knitter, so
I have to plan ahead.
This is the slouchy hat I am
doing for two Granddaughters
who have Fall birthday.
It is called
Socky Slouchy Hat by
Lauren Sanchez. It is a free
pattern on
I am starting a new chapter in
my life and am taking on some
new goals. One goal is to
now purchase yarn (or fabric)
for the next year. I need to
use up the large surplus I have
already in my studio.
I have gone a year before with
out fiber husband
thinks I should try for
18 months. I think a year is
a good amount of time...ha ha!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Changes are a coming....

Most folks set goals for the New Year,
but over the years, I have gotten
in the habit of setting my goals
September to September...results of
being married to a school teacher.
I am also starting a new chapter in
my life. For the last few years, I
have been babysitting Grandchildren
nearly full time. As of this week,
I am done with babysitting...kind
of like retiring, I guess. I am
ready to make some changes
and doing some things for myself.
My fabric stash busting has
not changed in the last while.
I have sewn quite a bit, but I
had to purchase specific fabrics
for the projects.
My Slow Sunday Stitch project:
I am back to working on my
Trip Around the World.
Hopefully, the weather will cool
off soon, so I do not wilt under a
large quilt top.
I am making my list for my
next adventure, which I will
post next week with my
fabric stash busting and Hand
sewn Sunday post.

Friday, August 14, 2015

1st On the Needle post

Hi all!
I have never posted at Judy's
"On the Needle" post before...
I am still new to knitting!
I finished my first shawl last

I accepted the challenge
to enter it in our local
county fair. I won a
1st place ribbon!
I am onto trying a new
hat next

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Summer has just flown by

I haven't done too well with blogging
this Summer. Busy, busy, busy!
I recently donated some quilts to
my Church and the QOV organization
so I have used some fabric...finally!
Used during July: 14.5 yards
Used to date: 28.5 yards
I hope to use more in the next
few weeks when we get back
more to a schedule. Husband
(the teacher) and grandkids
in school. Me is my studio.
The quilts I donated to my
Church were passed on to a
local family shelter. We held a
"baby shower" party, but it
was not for a specific baby. Ladies
brought baby/toddler related gifts,
we tied my quilts, had some yummy
treats and played a cute baby shower
game. Fun way to do service and
get to know the ladies of my Church.
How is your fabric stash busting going?

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Time flies!

This summer has just flown by so quickly!
I have missed blogging for weeks now.
For my stash repost, I did do some sewing
that I can count towards the used side. I
sewed a dress for granddaughters birthday.
Used during July: 1.5 years
Total busted: 14 yards
Sad number, I know, but in the next few
weeks, I will (hopefully) have numerous
projects coming together at the
same time. My numbers should at least
double, if not triple!
I have been busy knitting. I am still really
new to knitting, so any time I finish
something, it's a pretty big deal for me!
Here is my first lace shawl, finished 2 weeks ago.
The pattern is called Old Shale Shawl, which I found it
on Ravelry . I learned how to knit two together,
yarn over and the Russian bind off method.
It will be a gift for my sweet neighbor, when
the weather starts to cool in the Fall.
My projects for the next couple of weeks:
1. Flannel baby blankets for a friend who is expecting
   twin boys any minute.
2. Four quilts for charity to be tied at my
Church. They will be donated to a local
family shelter thru the Utah Quilt Guild.
3.Back to school clothes for the grand kids!
What are your sewing plans?

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Life is good...and busy!

Almost missed the entire of month of May
for blogging. Time flies....
Fabric report:
No changes. I have been sewing on a
few different projects, but because
none of them are finished, I have not
counted the fabric stash busted!
Still at about 30 yards busted.
Slow stitching Sunday:

Still working on the
Trip around the World quilt,
all done by hand.
I am nearly done with row 38

Lastly...yesterday was the
beginning of my 2015
100 days of Summer.
It is a project I do each Summer
(June-August with a few days
of May and September to add up
to 100 days) when I set some
different intense goals I have
been wanting to work on for a
limited time.
For instance, reading every
day for the 100 days or no
chocolate (yes, I have done it)
for a month.
This Summer, some of my goals are:
1.To concentrate on my physical
well being with improved diet/exercise
This includes bike riding and new
recipes made at home.
(Fresh from our garden)
2.Reading the Book of Mormon
(I am a member of the Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)
3.Compete in some fabric challenges.
There are some other goals, but you
get the idea. One goal I would like to
do is to blog more often. I just need
to make the commitment and decide
how long ( a week...a month) and
how often (everyday...twice a week)'s to the next 99 days of fun!