Thursday, May 16, 2019

I Like #15-2019

I like the Spring Blooms             

Purple flowers blooming on the Ivy

Bush coming back from severe snow burn.
My Husband wanted to pull it out last
year, but I wanted to give it a little longer
to re-grow...and it did. of my favorite flowers,
These blooms are pass down bulbs 
from my Great-Great Grandmother.

I like a new knit project

I have been attempting to use up most of my
fiber storage..not buying more...but...
I could not resist this yarn
It is from Deborah at

Lastly, I like hand sewing

I have been battling some health problems
(that's why I did not post last week)
which makes it so I can't always
do everyday things, but
I can always hand sew.

These sheep are going to my
knit and crochet group friends.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

I like 2019-#14

I like unusual buildings

I love architecture, but I really
enjoy unusual designed buildings

I like Spring flower bulbs

The daffodils are done, so next up,
are the tulips

I have folks ask all the time if the tulips
(pictured below) are black.

Nope...just very deep purple.

I like photos of the Earth

Last week I posted about a internet
site called Earth Porn...and how I disliked
the name of site....

This week, I found a different
site called Earth Photos.

Stunning photos of nature
with a nicer name.

I like car shows

My Husband is restoring a 
1956 Chevy Bel-Air
and is getting close to picking
the two tone outside color

I especially like this
pearl and grey combo.

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Thursday, April 25, 2019

I Like 2019-#13

I enjoy reading everyone's "I Like" posts at
Thanks for hosting us, LeeAnna.

I Like Spring blooms

The Daffodils are fading, but the tulips
are beginning to show their colors.

We have strawberries planted within our
flowerbeds. They are beginning to set
flowers too.

Nothing better than fresh berries 
for breakfast!

I like Nature photos

I like to travel, but do not always have 
the funds. I discovered a website called
Earth Porn (yeah, hate the name)
that posts photos of Nature.

I change my cover photo on Facebook
regularly using their photos.

I like  FutureLearn

FutureLearn is an online college
class site. You can take classes in
all different subjects...some of them free.

I am finishing a class about
England's King Richard III.
It has been interesting learning about
the way writing-printing came to be
and how class levels changed.

What do you like today?

Thursday, April 18, 2019

I Like 2019-#12

I like....

I like the bursting of Spring!

We have been getting inches and inches of rain
and snow the last few weeks

I had put out our cement seagull decorations.

The ivy is swallowing one of them up!
The cat is still kind of spooked when she passes by...

I like solving a mystery.

I didn't do much to solve it, but rcently,
my DNA test at connected me
to the person who fathered my bio Mother.
She never knew him and I was given up
for adoption, so it is interesting to
have a three generation connection.

I like Instagram

I recently joined Instagram to
participate in the #the100dayproject.
Each person chooses a project to do for
100 days....some are art related...some are
personal based. I am doing 100 days of 
sewing for others

I have not been perfect on posting
each and every day, but I am enjoying
this project. I am cleaning out some
boxes of fabric and using up patterns.

I like my kids

I know this has been on my "I Like" list
before, but it is a good reason to repeat.

(family reunion about 10 years ago)

I have been going through some personal
challenges the last while, and my daughters
have been a great support to me.
I have been blessed with great kids!

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Thursday, April 11, 2019

I Like 2019-#11

I like that other "I Like" posters share

I have learned about great reads and podcasts.

One of my favorites is   

The characters are lovely, along with
their stories, all wrapped up in quilting.
It makes me want to research the
block patterns and recipes they reference.

I like a finished project

My Husband spent his Spring Break 
refinishing some furniture.

This is our new China Cabinet

When I was a teenager, it was my
bedroom dresser.

The second one is a dresser we found
at a thrift store for $10

It is now our family room storage
(movies, exercise equipment, toys)
I need to take a photo with the new
hardware on it...

I like when a plan comes together

I taught a class on variations of the
9-patch quilt block. 

I am not comfortable with teaching
at all....not my thing....but,
it seemed to go well. 

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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

I like 2019 -#10

I missed last weeks post.
I am not sure why...

I like Spring

I like Spring weather, but
mostly, I like the flowers

Especially flowers that come up in
surprising in the 
middle of our lawn.

We removed a flower bed from this area
many years ago...must of missed some
flower bulbs...

I like a new challenge

I am doing the Instagram 

You set your own challenge for 
what creative project you will do for
100 days.

I will be doing something sewing
related that will be given away.
I will be doing multiple little

I am listed as
always_ suzi_ homemaker

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Thursday, March 21, 2019

I Like 2019-#9

I like...

I like a challenge!

My quilt guild is hosting a 
B.U.M. Challenge
(butt ugly material)

Each quilter gets a fat quarter of the
same material and makes a quilt
related item over the next 3 months.

It's bright.
It's orangey.
It's kind of ugly.

I have a couple of ideas
how to use it.

I like learning

I have posted before about taking
classes online.
My current class is about Women's
Suffrage in the United Kingdom.

I did not realize all that went into
getting the vote for women.

I learned that there was a group of
artist who donated their time and talent into
making banners and posters to help the cause.
I think I would have been part of
their group. 

Here is a video about one of the leaders.
A statue of her, the first of a woman,
was dedicated this past year,

I like Spring

I am not a big fan of Winter, so
I happily welcome Spring this week.

Today, it is raining in the Valley and
snowing in the Mountains, but
that is just how Spring is here in Utah.

I like our cat
(most of the time)

She is a rescue and even after
3.5 years at our house, she still has her issues.

She is not warm and cuddly, but we still like her.

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Thursday, March 14, 2019

I Like 2019-#8

I Like...

I like Grandparents Day

I was invited to my Granddaughters
Kindergarten Grandparents day.

The children sang songs...we had cookies
and milk...toured the school...played games.
The children also had a list of questions
to ask their grandparent. I had to explain
what the game of Monopoly was to her.

I like the Generosity of Friends

I have some of the best friends in the World
and they are so generous!

The last few months, I have 3 friends
who brought me boxes and boxes
(and boxes) of fabric they wanted to share.

We had a Free Fabric day at my 
monthly quilt guild this last week.

All the ladies went home with armloads
and boxes of fabric. There will be lots
of sewing going on....

I like Spring

I am not a fan of Winter...

I like that we are beginning to see Spring

I like the fuzzy face family members

Unfortunately, this week, my daughters
family found out their sweet dog has
a heart problem that cannot be fixed.

I had to take him to the vet for tests.
They are going to enjoy what time they have
with him. He is truly a family member.

I like camping and hiking

With the changes in the weather, I
am ready to start camping.

One of our favorite places to go is
Yellowstone National park

Yellowstone celebrated their 147th
anniversary this month. It was the
first National park in the USA.

We prefer to camp there in the Fall, when
there is not so many people.

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Thursday, March 7, 2019

I like 2019-#7

My I Like post is very simple this week.

I Like my family!

I am blessed to have a great Husband,
terrific adult children and in-;laws
and especially the best grandchildren.

This past week was my Husband and my
birthday week. We tend to be low key
about celebrating. This year was going to 
be an especially quiet celebration, because
I had surgery on my arm

Our kids had a different idea...

The kids surprised us
with pizza, cake and, most importantly,
every family member!

Sisters with kids

Twin cousins (born weeks apart)

Youngest grandchild expressing her two year old self
(translation: tantrum)

Aunt teaching the youngest the piano

All the grandkids at the same time!
Ages 2-14 years old

We were given this beautiful clock made by
our oldest granddaughter

She is our 5th generation woodworker!

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