Sunday, November 12, 2017

Getting ready for Christmas

I love Christmas!

I love celebrating Christmas!

I love decorating for Christmas.

I have three decorating themes
that I change up each year for
Christmas....The Nativity,
The Ocean and Trees and Birds.

I usually decorate every other year
with The Nativity, and the other
years with either the Ocean or Nature.

This year, it is the Nativity.

Years ago, I purchased some
preprinted panels of three
Wise Men  dolls. I added 
embroidery, then sewed and stuff
a set for two out of three of my
children's families. 

I have another set ready to stuff
and hand sew for my daughters
family. Hopefully I will also
finish a last set for me too.

I am going to continue working on
the cross-stitch Nativity banner
(I have posted about the last month)
but it may not be finished this year.

What are you Slow Sunday Stitching?

Sunday, November 5, 2017

I am in the creating zone!

I am attempting to plan and finish
my projects on a deadline for the
Holidays this year. In the past, I
was a last minute kind of creator,
but I am trying to change that habit.

Here is my Slow Sunday Stitch 
project from three weeks ago.

And here it is today...

I still have some wording, leaves 
and a few flowers to cross-stitch.

I think I started this kit about
15 years ago. Amazing, the
things you find when you clean
out-downsize your sewing room!

What are you creating today?

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Fall has arrived!

Fall weather is in full swing here in Utah.
Cold nights with warmish days.
Switched out my flip flops for boots and
t-shirts for sweaters and scarves.

I always begin my Christmas plans
in October. I make a list of 
sewing-knitting-quilting projects 
I want to accomplish for the Season.

I cleaned out my Christmas project
box this weekend. I have a huge pile
of Christmas themed fabric to donate.

I also found a bunch of ornaments I
started sometime....

I don't know why or for whom
I began to sew them for...

They are finished now and will be
donated to the Evergreen fundraiser.
Evergreen raises funds for the local
Women and Family Shelter.

For my Sunday Slow Stitching, I am
going to work on this cross-stitch
sampler, also found in the Christmas
project box.

Another project I do not remember
starting. It needs a good ironing,
doesn't it! I have a lamb to
complete, plus the wording and
all the outlining. I think I will
keep this one for me.

What are you working on?

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Creating in a crazy World

I do not watch TV, but lately, our
media viewing has tripled with all
the crazy weather going on.

Our daughter's family went through
an evacuation when their town
caught on fire this last week.
Thank goodness there was no loss
of life. The fire was stopped
about 6 houses away from her home.

After watching your family go 
through such an experience, it
makes you appreciate that time
with family is always more 
important than "things".

I am continuing my knitting of hats
for the November fund raiser for
our local family shelter.

I am using leftover yarn from my
stash, as well as, yarn gifted to me.

For my 
I will be un-stitching a quilt top.

I made this quilt for my Husband 
many moons ago. A friend suggested
I tie it, instead of quilting it. 

I tied it, and have disliked it ever
since I gifted it to him. The ties
did not hold and the batting has
shifted, causing thin spots.

I am going to un-sew it, repair
some ripped seams (from the
ties) and remake the backing.

What are you stitching today?

(BTW....the cat in the photo is Poppy.
She is a rescue kitty someone
dumped at my daughters home
2 years ago. She has adopted the
quilt as her own)

Sunday, August 27, 2017

School has started, but it is still so hot!

The new school year is in full swing,
but the weather thinks it is still hot...high 90's! 

We have a Women's-family Shelter
in our county called Safe Harbor.
Each year, in November, they have
a craft sale, a Christmas Tree auction
and a yummy Dinner to raise a 
large portion of their operation costs
for the upcoming year.

This year, my donations are children's hats.

I learned how to knit I-cord for this
 pattern. They knit up quickly
and I am using all those little yarn
balls left over from other projects.

I received first place ribbons on the
two quilts I entered into my county fair.

This first quilt is from a pattern called
"Be My Neighbor". I made it from
some very bright fabrics that were 
a gift. I like how it turned out, but
the colors are not really my style, so
it is going to be gifted.

The second quilt is a Red and White sampler
I made, with my Husband's help, for our
35th wedding anniversary. He helped pick
out blocks that represented our life 
together. There is a block for our 4 kids,
our 8 grandkids and places we have 
lived. I love Red! 

Today, for Slow Stitch Sunday, I am
going to cut and continue hand sewing
a set of Nativity pieces for gifting
this upcoming Holiday Season.

What are you creating?

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Hanging on to the last threads of Summer....

For my Husband, a teacher, his
Summer breaks ends very soon.
As usual, this Summer has passed
much too quickly.

I am beginning to get the itch to
be back on some kind of schedule.
Do a few of the same things each
day and week.

I am attempting to sew a little
each and every day. It doesn't
always work out, but I am going
to keep trying to get in the Studio.

This week, I began a new
comfort quilt to donate (through
my Quilt Group) to the Women's
and Family Shelter in our County

I have made two blocks using 2.5
inch scrappy squares. The pattern
is called Star Value and is the 
January block for Nancy Ziemans
2017 quiltalong. 

My local quilt store is hosting a free
star block of the month. They 
provide the pattern and yellow fabric
and you sew it with your choice of

I am doing it scrappy with a
brown background.

I decided to keep on sewing 
and made the same Ohio Star
block in Red and white to
donate to my quilt group.

The group is putting together
a auction basket for the Utah
Quilt Guild State Fest in

Today, for my
Slow Sunday Stitching, I
think I will prep (and hopefully
start) a new felt Nativity set.
This next week is our local
elections and while I work at
my election post, there
is likely to be some sitting time
where I can sew (or knit).

What are you creating?

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Another week...more sewing

I am on a roll with using up scraps
for the comfort (donation) quilts

I finished up this quilt top this week.

I created the center from 1.5 inch scraps. All the
scrappy blocks around it, I found in my stash, but
I don't think they are of my sewing....

The quilt top measures 56 inch square.

I started a new comfort top in 2.5 scraps.
The block is called  
Star Value Quilt Block. If you click
the link, it will take you to the 
designers Blog.

I am making the block in white-
off white and print scraps,
with solid scraps in the corners.

As I posted last week, I started a
weight loss program at my
local Hospital. The Orientation
meeting was good...a little overwhelming...
I have started writing down everything
I eat and my exercise time.

For my Slow Stitch Sunday, I 
will working my felt Nativity set...
hand embroidery.

What are you working on?

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Today I took my first baby steps
towards being healthier.

I signed up and attended the 
Weigh to Health weight loss
program at my local Hospital.

It runs for one year and includes
classes twice a month on various
subjects like diet, exercise, 
sleep and mental health.

The first six month goal is to lose
at least 7% of your body weight.

The second six months is to maintain
that loss and possibly lose more weight.

We will keep a food  and exercise diary,
which gets turned in at each class.

We also have the goal to build up to
at least 150 minutes of aerobic
exercise each week (by the fourth month)

I am equally excited and a little terrified
about this new adventure I am attempting.

I know I need to lose weight...I will be
healthier...have more energy...possibly 
extend my life time (more family and
sewing time is always a bonus)

I meet with an dietician next week to
start setting some goals. 

I can do this...yes I can...hopefully!

Monday, July 31, 2017

We are cruisin' now.....

Yesterday I posted a photo of various scrappy
quilt blocks. I took a closer look at them and
realized I did not sew many of them. Not sure
why they were in my scraps bag.

I decided to spend a while sewing today and...

...finished another comfort quilt donation.

I made the center log cabin blocks from
1.5 inch scraps. The two borders
around it are all the scrappy blocks.

It was great to use them all up!

Onto the next project....