Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Love, comfort and Service

I was raised to give comfort
and service to those around me.

My parents were wonderful
examples of always looking
out for others.

I contribute to a different
charity group each month with
my sewing or knitting.

For April, I have found 

I am going to contribute a 
finished quilt to the 

which is based in Utah.

There are other service groups 
through the Challenge to
sew for too.

Are you ready to take the Challenge?

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Little bits and pieces to finish

will be finishing out a list of
quick handwork I have put off
for way too long.

First up, sewing down the 
hanging sleeve on my
February UFO Butterfly Hanging

I messed up the quilting
on the back,
which required me to pull out
the quilting, re-quilting an area
from the back and now
re-attaching the hanging sleeve.

Next...binding off my current
knitting project,
Lake Edge Scarf

I started it for a Christmas gift,
but it turned into a knit a little here,
knit a little there project. After
binding off, I will block it.

Lastly, the ongoing embroidery
quilt blocks. 

I want to finish the cross-stitch
borders around each of the 12
blocks (9 done with 3 to go)
then move onto the leaf borders.

I also want to post a photo of my
new hair cut. No before photo...

I had long grey hair, so
I cut off about 8 inches and
went short and dyed brown.
It is going to be nice for the
warmer weather months, if
the weather ever gets warm.

What are you Slow Stitching today?

Monday, March 12, 2018

Design Wall 12 Mar 2018

After yesterdays crazy day of
broken water pipes and
cold bottled water hair washing,
I think I need a day of sewing.

I am going to sew the March
BOM star block from my
local quilting store

What is on your design wall?

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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Slow Sunday Stitch

The day started out with the
surprise that we did not have
any water in the house pipes.

There was a break by our 
Pond and the City had to
shut down the surrounding
water system.

Huh...wash hair with bottled will work.
Whoa...very "refreshing"
(translate: COLD!)

We have attended Church
(where we could not
use the drinking fountains
or restrooms for the first while)

Onto an afternoon of stitching...

I am back to working on the
cross-stitch quilt blocks. 

I attended a Vintage Quilt show
and felt inspired to finish my own
hand embroidered quilt. 

The quilts were all amazing and
had wonderful stories with each
one displayed.

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Friday, March 9, 2018

Three generation of creating

I am a member of hand quilters
on Facebook. Each week, the
administrator lists a theme 
for our post. This week is 
the Dresden Plate pattern.

Here is my Dresden Plate.

 This wall hanging was begun by
my Grandmother in the 1950's.

She passed on the partial sewn blocks
to my Mom in the 1980's. My Mom
was a fabulous seamstress, but did not
enjoy quilting, so I inherited the
blocks in the 1990's.

I finished sewing the blocks, then 
hand quilted the hanging. It was
gifted to my Mom for her 
70th birthday. 

I inherited it when my Mom
passed on. It hangs in my
Family room.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Monday Design wall and plans

On my design wall, or rather...
on the floor....

I laid out my solid fabric (brown) to see
if it is what I want to use to finish my
scrappy stars March UFO project.

After some reviewing, and taking in
the opinion of Devil Kitty, I think it 
is going to finish out nicely.

This week's goals:

1.Cut solid squares and sew
together scrappy star quilt top

2.Get top to quilter for finishing

3.Applique more flowers to pieced
blocks for 1930's quilt top.

What is on your Monday Design Wall?

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Snow Sunday Stitching

For days, the Weatherman has said
we were going to get buried in Snow.
Each day, they would move the Storm
to another day.

This arrived!

Snow = stay inside and stitch

I am appliqueing flowers and leaves
to various pieced quilt blocks.

 The blocks are part of a UFO project
I was going to do for another month, 
but decided to start doing the hand
work on Sundays.

I am using 30's-50's prints for this project.
I love Vintage colors and patterns.

I have sewn all the pieced blocks.
Now to finish piecing and appliqueing.

What are you Slow Stitching?

Thursday, March 1, 2018

March UFO Project

I looked at my list and
have decided to do my
star block project

I think I have enough blocks to make
a small quilt top. I do not know
what I will do with it, once it is
finished. Maybe keep it....maybe
donate it for a comfort quilt.

What are you working on for March?

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February UFO Finish!

Here is my February finish for
my 2018 UFO project.

The butterfly block is a test
block from Cynthia England book,
Picture Piecing.

I tried the block to learn Miss England's
technique for landscape quilts. I 
recommend trying it...very easy with
wonderful results.

I have quite a few UFO's that only
need quilting and binding, so I am
using each project to practice my
machine quilting.

I enjoyed finishing the blocks into
a wall hanging of my own design.

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