Sunday, September 21, 2014

Trip Around the World-Row 23

I am currently on Row 23 of my
Trip Around the World project
(thru Bridgit Giblin Facebook group)
We were suppose to finish Row 30
last week, but I am behind.
I am very much enjoying the
relaxed hand sewing process.
Friends ask how much larger I am
going to make it. I don't know.
I haven't put a deadline on this
project. It will be finished when
I feel like it is.
Also, sewing with 2 inch squares,
it will take a very long time to
create a very large quilt.
What is your Slow Sunday Stitching?

Finally...some changes in my numbers!

I have a knit retreat with my local knit
group coming up soon.
I made 13 fabric project bags,
so each knitter will have a small
gift to carry her current knit project.
Used this week: 13 yards
Purchased this week: 10 yards
Used for 2014: 30 yards
I am continuing to sew on my
Trip Around the World project
I was suppose to finish Row 30
this last week, but I am just
beginning Row 23.
Sewing 2 inch squares, this is going
to take a while. I am not sure how
much more I am going to sew. It
is very relaxing and I am enjoying
the process of hand sewing.
This weeks goals:
Start/sew a QOV
Cut Rows 25-30 for TAW
Sew 4 Christmas Presents
(Library book bags for grandkids)
What are you current projects?

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Slow Sunday stitching

This is my first time posting as
part of the Slow Sunday stitch group.
Sunday is my day of rest,
so slow stitching fits the day!
I am part of a group project
on Facebook who are creating a
Trip Around the World quilt
completely stitched by hand.
I started the project back in early Summer
while I was recovering from surgery.
Technically, I am behind...I
am suppose to be finishing out
at about Row 30, but am at Row 20.
The fabric I am currently using is a
gift fabric from another member of
the project.
We are also all using a red dot fabric
throughout the quilt.

Back in the swing of blogging

One of my goals for this next year period
is to blog more often, so I
think a stash report is the perfect
way to do it.
This week in: 2 yards
This week used: 1 yard
New total: back to 27 yards used.
I also want to start posting my sewing goals
for the upcoming week. I have seen
others do this, and it seems to keep
them motivated and accountable.
Sept 8-14:
1.Sew each day during (September) National
Sewing Month.
2,Sew 1 knit project bag (pink with brown bottom)
3. Cut out 5 more knit project bags.

4.Hand sewing on Trip Around the World
project on Facebook.

What projects are you working on?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Happy National Sewing month

September is National Sewing month.
I am setting the goal to sew every single day.
Hand piecing my Trip Around the World Quilt
Finishing an UFO project
Making Christmas jammies
Creating Christmas gifts
Want to join me?

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ready for a new adventure

I took the Summer off from blogging
and many of my other regular activities.
But...I'm back and ready to have
a new adventure.
So...first...end of Summer Stash Report:
Fabric in...maybe 10 yards
Fabric out...maybe 10 yards.
That means I am still at about 27 yards
of fabric used doing 2014
Part of my new path is I am
ready to accomplish some goals
I have put off for quite a while...
some goals for years and years.
My youngest child is getting married
in the next few months and we, the
Mister and I, will be emptynesters!
Some folks set goals with the New Year.
I am married to a school teacher, so
our schedule tends to follow a
September-August period.
Some of my goals I am planning are
1. Lose weight: I know...everyone has that goal. I
am about 100 lbs overweight, so I need to lose, no matter
what. It's a health issue. I need energy to live the life I want too.
2. Finish a UFO each month: I'll add a list here next week.
3. Read my scriptures everyday: I read the Book of Mormon
over the 100 days of Summer vacation. On to the Bible..
4. Clean out my storage: I have cleaned out holiday d├ęcor, but
the food/camping/clothing/don't know where to put it
storage has taken over one huge room down stairs.
5. Use it up-make it do: Like many of us have been
fabric stash busting, I have way too much fabric and it
needs to be used up. A few years ago, I went 1 year without
purchasing any fabric, and I am going to do it again.
There will be more goals, I know, but this is a good start for
Sep 2014. If any of you have had experience trying to
accomplish these changes, please share any tips or helps!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

I have fabric to count

I sewed a project bag for a dear friend
in my knitting group, who is moving
away this week.

I used 1/2 a yard of fabric, so

Fabric used YTD: 27.5 Yards.

No new fabric in.

I nearly completed my fabric challenge
project for my city's Heritage celebration
next month...still needs quilting.

I am continuing to work on the
Trip around the World challenge
on Facebook.

(Yeah...the photo actually worked this time!)
What are you working on?
How's the stash busting going?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Stash Busting

Ah ha...I have sewn this week!

First time in 2 months.
I made 4 blocks for a charity quilt
my quilt guild is donating to the
Primary Children's auction (Utah).
I nearly finished the top for my
cities fabric challenge....
pictures to follow.
I completed my first 9 rows of
a Trip Around the World challenge.

(Argh...can't post a photo!)
I didn't finish anything, so I don't
count it in the stash busting.
Still at 27 yards busted!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Stash Report-15 Jun 2014 changes!
I was planning to work on some great
sewing projects...quilts....dresses...
but, life got in the way.
I am going back to my goal of sewing
a minimum of 30 minutes a day again.
Still at 27 yards busted!
I am participating in a Trip around
the World project on Facebook.
I have completed the first 9 rounds for June.

On a side note:
Happy Fathers Days!!!
How are you doing on your stash busting?