Wednesday, November 14, 2018

I like #27

Another wonderful week of " I Like"
posts at Not Afraid of Color...go
check it out!

I like non-traditional
Christmas Tree's

I grew up with a Mom who created
amazing Christmas Trees

When I was little, our home had huge
windows across the Living room. It
was perfect to show off a tree.

This tree was made from white Pampas grass.
Mom made a tree shaped cone of
chicken wire....started at
the bottom and wired in the grass.
She added gold ornament balls.

She grew the pampas grass in our
backyard. She cut long pieces of it,
sprayed it with cheap hairspray 
(so it wouldn't shed all over)
and hung the pieces in the garage
to dry for a couple of weeks.

Another year, she made a tree out
of another tree shaped cone of
chicken wire...this time she
bunched up pieces of Kleenex
tissue into the wire holes.
Again, she added ornament balls.

Unfortunately, I can't find a photo
of the tissue tree....

Lastly, is my Mom's Philippine
Stick Christmas Tree. She didn't
make this one, but she could have
figured it out....

It is made of a center wood post 
with layers of individual real
tree branches attached with
small nails. The who tree is
hand painted with white paint.

My Mom brought it back to the USA   
after she and my Dad lived in
the Philippines. I inherited it,
repaired and repainted it, 
decorated it and donate it this
last week to a fundraiser

Besides a tree, I always have
many Nativity scenes and sometimes
a Christmas Village.

Do you have something you especially
LIKE for the Holiday season?
Share in the comments....

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

I like #26

I did not realize it has been
6 months since I joined the
"I like" post group at Leeanna's
It is a happy, positive group
of bloggers across the World.

This week, I Like....

different forms of Art:

This week, I discovered 

More specifically, their current
show in Tokyo, Borderless

It is a light-digital-computerized
show you walk through and it is
interactive with the viewer.
The Lanterns (shown above)
change color when you hold still, 
but then the color spreads
to others in the room.

There is also digital birds flying from
room to room in the Gallery. 
You can color a animal picture (on paper)
and they scan it...then it comes to
life on the floor or walls around you.

Next is Marie Saudin, also known as

Her work in paper origami is amazing!

Wouldn't it be nice to pass by this beautiful
art on your way to run errands?

The third artist is Karen Anderson of

As an artist, she began to make little doors,
just 7 inches tall, and secretly install
them as art projects in public places
around the city of Atlanta, Georgia

(photo from Google)

I think it would be a fun adventure to travel
around the city and find all the little Doors.

Lastly, is the street artist Alexandre Farto
aka Vhils

He use to tag-paint on buildings with
spray paint, but now, he creates his
images by using a jackhammer and
chisel to chip away the concrete on buildings.

A beautiful way to bring a flat, boring
concrete wall to life!

I am always on the hunt for new forms of Art,
so if you have someone you really like,
no matter their use of materials, please
leave a little info about them in the comments!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Slow Sunday Stitch

It has been a few months since I posted
for Slow Sunday Stitch.

I have finished the binding on my
BOM Star quilt-wall hanging. 

I need to hand-sew on the label today.

This quilt is being auctioned off at 
fundraiser, called Evergreen. 
It is a great organization.

What are you slow stitching today?

Thursday, November 1, 2018

I like

Oh. My. Stars!

It has been a crazy day and I am just getting
to posting my "I like" blog post.
Be sure to go over to
to read some more great "I like" posts

I like...

Getting a fun package in the mail

Today, I received a beautiful package
from a knitting swap partner. We
are all in the same online beginner's
group on

The main part of the swap was a skein or two
of lovely fiber, and I scored big!
The blue is from a sheep farm called
of Schuylerville, New York 

I love the color of blue.

My swap partner, Maureen, also included lots of
other goodies, like a handmade pumpkin
and crocheted leaves. 

I like...

Getting ready for the Holidays

I do not especially enjoy Halloween, 
but I love Thanksgiving and Christmas.
I like handmaking gifts for
those I love....and big meals with all
the family and friends we can fit 
around the table.

I have two quilt tops going to the
quilters this week for Granddaughter

I need to make two more for
my son and the other for another Granddaughter.

I like....

Trying new recipes

My Husband and I are part of a Supper Club
and we have all our children living within
a close drive of us, so we have 
regular dinners and get-to-gethers.
And there is ALWAYS food!

So there it is...short and sweet.
Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, October 25, 2018

I like...

I like the freedom to choose

Elections are coming up soon.
I always work a polling place during
Election time. I use to maintain the
Election machines, but my County
has gone to the electronic paper vote.
This Election, I will be a clerk.

Read up on the candidates.
Know the facts of the Propositions.
Get our and make your Vote count!

I like learning about the Past

I took a DNA test at
a few years ago. Every so often, it
matches me up with a cousin. It is
interesting to me, because I was
adopted as a baby, so I do not know
all my biological line.

This week, I matched up with a lady
who lives in my State, as 6th cousins.

The mind blower....I am the 9th
Great Grand-daughter of Reverend
Roger Williams, who established the
State of Rhode Island. It's crazy!

I like to try new things

Currently, I am attempting to
research and schedule new activities
for myself and my Husband.
I feel like we have become a little too
comfortable with the same old routine.

This week, we are going on a
Pumpkin walk. Not exactly sure what
it is, but it is a popular area activity.

We are going to a First Friday art
exhibit next month. I have gone
before, but it has been years and not
with my Husband.

I am going to paint some furniture. I
know this is not a big first, but my
Husband usually does any furniture
refinishing (and building), but I am
going to this time.

I like good customer service.

My car, known as Big Red, is on it's last
bit of life. She is almost 20 years old and
we need to replace her.

And I hate car shopping!

We spent last Saturday morning going to
various dealerships to look for cars. For
the most part, the salesman were very nice.

Except for one place. We walked around and
around the lot and saw no one...not one
worker. Finally, I walked in their lobby area.
There sat a kid, I assumed a salesman, on his
phone, playing a game.

"Hello" response.
"Hello" (a bit louder)… response.

I walked to the back of the room and found
a secretary. I asked for a salesman...oh, he's
right there...Nope, I already tried him and
he did not respond...please find me someone

Instantly, the secretary and a manager found me
a great salesman. The other boy tried to cut off
the new salesman. Nope, you had your turn....

I still have not decided which car I am getting,
but I know who I will ask for in the future.

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Thursday, October 18, 2018

I like...

I like seeing the geese fly in Fall

(photo from google images)

Each morning and again in the evening,
we have huge groups of geese that
fly over our house. I like to see them
in their line or V formation.

I like a good book and time to read

I am currently read the second World War II
book by Kimberly  Brubaker Bradley. This
first one, "The War that saved my life" was
so well written...I am glad she continued 
the story.

I like learning something new.

I am currently taking an (free) online
class from Trinity College (Ireland)
about the Book of Kells.

I have been fascinated about the book
of Bible scriptures for years. I am
working on a fabric version of a
Celtic Letter for an assignment.

The college offers other online classes,
so I think I will continue with them
after finishing this class. 

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Monday, October 8, 2018

Plans for this week

I need to get back to planning out my
sewing week, as much as my cleaning
and errands.

This week:

1.Make backing and take quilt to quilters

The top has been done for a 
couple of to
get it all to the quilter.

2.Make top 
(and hopefully backing) for
Christmas gift quilt

I won these block many years ago
(probably about 16 years)
and plan to make them into a
quilt to be given as a gift

3.Make a backing and get quilt to quilter

Scrappy star blocks I made many years ago

I sewed together the quilt top.
Now to make a backing and
get it to the quilter.
Another Christmas gift.

I have a very busy week planned with
a quilt guild sew-in day,
a day at my Temple with friends,
a day of sewing for the
plus picking up my next

I guess it is the week of sewing!

What are your creating plans for the week?
Check out other creating posts at

Thursday, October 4, 2018

I like....

I like Vintage clothing

(this was my blog header photo for years)

I like when it was fashionable to dress
up, even for everyday activities. I was
watching some movie with my daughter
and we both commented how nice 
women looked back in the day, even
when grocery shopping.

I like making something new
out of something old 

I have received quite a bit of fabric
and old clothing from friends in the
last few weeks...everyone is cleaning out.

I want to get back to sewing clothing
or other items from old clothing and fabric.
I use to do it all the time when my kids
were younger (stretch that budget!)

I like baking in the Fall

There is something about the cooler 
weather and wanting to bake. I always 
bake bread each week, no matter
what the weather is like.

This week, my Husband has made lemon
cupcakes...weekend forecast is for lots 
of rain and maybe a carrot cake.

I like pumpkins

I am not a big home decorator when
it comes to Halloween, but I do
like to have a couple of pumpkins
on the porch or kitchen table.

(granddaughter at local farm)

My Husband always grows a few
pumpkins in the garden each Summer,
so we have them for the 
grandchildren and for decorating.

I like going to the Movies

I grew up with a Grandfather who
was a movie projectornist, so we
were always going to the movies.

I like going to see a show with my Husband.
There is something about watching a movie
on the Big screen that just can't be beat.

I like being kind

I have been feeling like there is change in the
air-attitude-community lately.
I have been making a conscience effort to
be nice to others. Smiling at stranger...
giving out more compliments...
assuming the good in others...

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Thursday, September 27, 2018

I like

I like having the Internet

Everything has it's good and it's
bad qualities. I like to focus on
the good the internet provides me.

I can keep in touch with family
all over the World

I can learn something new from
someone's tutorial.

I can visit-view places.

I like surprise presents

Recently, I was given
a huge box of fabric (friend 
cleaning out her Mother's home)

Fun treasures for me and some
fabric (actually, most of the fabric)
to pass on to others to use.

I like a sense of Community

This past week, one of my
Husbands students passed on.
It is always difficult when a 
young person dies. 

Our community came together
and has taken care of one
another. We have talked, we
have mourned and we will
continue to watch over
one another.

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