Saturday, February 16, 2013

And the winner is...

I won a book drawing over at
It is one of my favorite books on fashion,
 And if you have not visited this blog
before, then you need to go right over.
The blog is great for all vintage fashion,
plus she has an amazing online vintage store.
Thanks again Couture Allure!

Friday, February 15, 2013

On the Needle

I have had some progress this week!
Finished my Husbands birthday blanket
So glad this is finished!
The scarf that just will not be finished!
 I have a second skein of this coral colored yarn,
that was going to be a matching hat or fingerless gloves.
Nope! SO tired of it, I think the 2nd skein is
going to be donated to someone in my knit group.
My next project?
After coming home from my birthday trip to California,
I am going to learn to knit socks!
I am so excited!
What's On The Needle at your house?

Friday, February 8, 2013

On the Needle

Today, I have on the needle...
The eternally-never-going-to-be-finished
Sinful Scarf pattern from
It is not a difficult pattern, but I seem to
barely knit for a while, then get bored
and want to move onto something else.
Blanket for my Husband.
I started this about 1.5 years ago as a gift
for my husband. Then I forgot about it and
could not remember the stitches I was using
for it.
(sorry...the photo will not upload!)
Thank goodness for two great friends in my
knit group, who also crochet. They slowly pulled
out some stitches and figured out I was
using a slip stitch-half stitch repeat.
I am determined to finish this for my
husbands upcoming birthday!
What's On the Needle at your house?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Daughters Birthday Quilt

I mentioned finishing my daughters
birthday quilt in my January stash report.
I finally took the time to take a photo.
Her granddaughter...wanted to
be in the photo too.
On to the next project...

Sunday, February 3, 2013

January Stash Report 2013

I post my stash busting reports once a month.
My sewing for January:
Fabric in YTD: 9.5 yards
Fabric out YTD: 23 yards
Adjusted yardage: 13.5 yards used
The fabric used include:
Quilt for daughters birthday
3 charity baby blankets
Baby gift-sling purse and blanket
2 charity quilt blocks
I did not do well at finishing UFO's,
except my daughters birthday quilt.
It has been a little strange purchasing
fabric again after not for the whole year of 2012.
I thought I would be much more tempted. I find myself looking, but
really analyzing what project I am
purchasing for...not just because I like it.
How are you doing on your stash busting?