Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'm here!

I've been so busy lately, I forgot to post!

I've been trying to get ready for Fall and the quickly approaching Winter....lots of yard work and cleaning out for charity. I have also been thinking about my wardrobe lately. I am definitely in a slump! Jeans and tees or jeans and sweatshirts. I justify this by saying I babysit alot, which can lead to being spit up on alot, but I was already in this slump way before baby Tayge was born. I use to dress quite well, especially when I was a teen and my mom made alot of my clothes.

I did some Internet searching and first signed up at The Chinese jacket (I love jackets and coats) is one of their freebie patterns....actually, you already have to have a pattern, and they just show you how to convert it to this look. Well, I have an entire box of coat/jacket patterns from children's (grandchildren) thru plus size (me). I was probably attracted to this photo for the color...I love red! I also signed up at Their freebie pattern I liked was for this retro wrap....pretty, huh. I thought, "where would you wear this out in farm land, Suzanne?" I don't know, but I like it! For me, maybe I could make it up in something warmer than taffeta or satin. For that matter, I could make it up in a few different materials.
Lastly, we had a great time last weekend at Peach days. I had decided to get a caramel apple, but they looked yucky (melted in the sun), so I had a couple of bits of V's funnel cake. The girls also shared a bag of cotton candy. Daughter E is determined to lose the last couple of pregnancy pounds, so she was a really good girl....proud of you, Sweetie!
In Closing:What one item (quilting, clothing, scrap booking, crafting, etc.)are you working on right now? Me...I am finishing my nature journal quilt for September and trying to finish the last 3 rows of the row quilt for my Guild. Next...clothes for me!


Kaylene said...

I just finished journaling/blogging my hurricane experience and pics, now I'm onto catching up on sleep and finding out if we're holding church tomorrow.

Peggy said...

Next month we have Ya Ya Sisterhood at the Emporium where we dress up like in the thirties w/hat and all.

I felt encouraged to go to the Sandy DI. I walked in and found a black skirt that fits perfect! Then some comfortable, classy shoes. Then the most perfect hat!!! I tried those on and thought, now to find thee blouse -- I walked right to it. Except for accessories I found my total YaYa attire!

AND I found eleven other items that are LIKE NEW. All fifteen items for $64! I had a "charmed" day, for sure.

To think last week I'd cleared out all my old clothes and took them to the DI. I now had room for my new wardrobe.

I'll do a blog this next week with photos...