Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My favorite show

I am not much of a television watcher, but I love The Biggest Loser. I love to see the contestants workout and learn something new about nutrition and make it thru the challenges
I like the two hosts too. If I ever worked out with a trainer, I would definitely go for Bob. He still yells, but he is tough in a productive way. I would be scared of Jillian. She yells, even when someone is up-chucking into a trash can.
This is last year winner....Ali. Amazing before and after photos, huh! I know I could never be a stick skinny person again, but I am working to at least have a waist that goes in!

Okay, that's my crazy TV show. I do also watch/listen too alot of PBS and DVD's while I sew.

In Closing:Easy question...your favorite TV show?


Our family said...

House, Bones, So You Think You Can Dance!!!! Love you Mom!

Kris said...

One? Hmm... there are so many! I mostly like old tv shows and I watch them on dvds. I love British comedies like One Foot in the Grave, As Time Goes By, etc.

Lorraine said...

whatever is on when I am stitching! thanks for stopping by and commenting about the great bag I received in the swap.....I should be working on my journal quilt but last day of holidays today and then back to work tomorrow so the house cleaning I have been putting off is on the agenda....!