Thursday, December 27, 2018

I like....

I like the calm and quiet days between
Christmas and New Years

I like when we get a break from the
usual schedule and get to sleep in
and eat when we want and do
what we want when we want too.

(Antelope Island-west of our Home)

I like the anticipation of a new year

I have goals and projects going
on all year long, but there is something
about the beginning of the year and the 
that everything is new. 

It makes me want set some new goals.....

I like positive changes in relationships

I have had an ongoing, somewhat
difficult relationship within my bio family.
(I am an adopted person). The last few
weeks, my interaction with this person
has turned the corner towards a much
more positive path. After 20 years, it's
a much nicer road to be traveling.....

I like cleaning out

Every Christmas break, we try to clean
out from our house or work. This year, it
was books. 

We have books everywhere. I have books
from when I was a kid. We have books
that were passed down from our parents
or Grandparents. We have books that
were gifts.

Now, hopefully these books will find a
good home.

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Thursday, December 20, 2018

I like...

I like  creating.....

I am finishing up my kids-grandkids
Christmas presents. I still have a 
quilt to bind, gift certificate to buy
and stocking stuffers to purchase 
for my Husband.

All the grandkids are getting handmade
quilts for Christmas. I am now caught
up...except for Grandbaby 2019...
he/she will get a quilt next Christmas.

I like Holiday music

I like to listen to the choir, choral
and Holiday related music while
I sew or am out and about during
the Holidays.

(Local High School Madrigals at
my Husbands Staff dinner)

I want to share a new song 
I discovered this year on YouTube

I like to improve my life

I tend to set goals more in 
September....something about
the new school year (being
married to a Teacher).

This year, I am really feeling a
need to make some changes in
my life with the coming new Year.

I set my goals in groups of three...
I don't know why...I just do....

1.Knit the other sock, so I have a pair
2.Clean out (knit or give away) 5 
shoe boxes of stored yarn.
3.Finish my two current knit projects
I have already begun, before starting
any other projects.

Needle and Thread:
1.Finish Pine tree quilt for Husbands
2019 birthday gift

2.Begin hand quilting Trip Around the
World quilt top.

3.Finish Vintage Block quilt for me.

I have many other areas of goals, but
you would be pretty bored reading
the ongoing list, believe me.....

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uplifting posts that are part of
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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Back to posting

I have not posted at
for a long time.

The reason:
I was finishing many gifts
and did not want my family
to see them on my blog.

Today, I am posting a 
finished gift to myself.

Our town has a Creche festival the
second weekend of December. The
residents display hundreds of
Nativities. They come in all forms of art.

This year, I made a felt nativity
to display. The pattern called for
wool, but I decided to use up
my felt and beading supplies.

The pattern is "O Holy Night" by
Kasia J Embroidery & Design

I also messed up my hand from
daily hand sewing for the last month.
I still have two quilts that need
the binding finished...they just
may be done on the machine.

I am taking a few weeks off from
hand stitching until my hand
heals completely.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

I like...

So...the last two weeks I have
spotty to no internet. I posted a
"I like" post last week, but, no
photos showed and I was not
able to comment on anyone
else blog post.

Let's see how we do this week....

I like decorating for Christmas

Each year I decorate the house a
little less, but I still have certain
items I like to put out for the
month of December.

I always put out multiple Nativity scenes.

The tree is decorated in one of two themes....
either nativity ornaments or ocean-beach
themed ornaments.

This year is beach themed ornaments.

I like hand stitching

I have been doing hours and hours
of hand stitching the last month.
Bindings on quilts (Christmas gifts)
Making a new felt Nativity.

Mindless, but calming, random
needlepoint stitching.

I like finishing a goal or two

2018 has been a crazy year for
 my family. Too many
unexpected adventures to name.
I have felt a little like I was not
getting anything accomplished.

Looking back to goals set in
January, I have made some

I finished some quilts...

I read-studied the New Testament....

I read a few books by new authors...

I cleaned out quite a bit of clutter....

I donated a number of quilts...

I like a new fresh start.

I am ready to take on some new
challenges in life for 2019.

I am going to be the President of
my local quilt guild. I did the job
about 10 years ago, but each
time it is different. Our guild blog is
Any suggestions of activities you
like to do in your guild would be
very much appreciated.
(post your ideas in the comment section)

I am going to plan new adventures
and experiences for myself and
Husband. For me....I am going to
the Road to California quilt
conference in January
(anyone else going?)

So....this is kind of a long "I like" post.
Sorry....I had lots to share after a few
weeks of no blogging.

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