Sunday, December 7, 2008

Blast from the past 1964

I love family history in it's many forms....records and stories and especially, photos. I have a brother M who is the center of our family when it comes to keeping our history alive. He sent me this 1964 photo of me (age 2) with my Siamese kitty named Wendy. I don't remember ever seeing this photo, so it is especially nice to have a copy of it. It was taken at our house in Rossmoor, California-near to Disneyland.
Photos can bring back so many nice memories for me!
I grew up with cats in the house all my life, and they have usually
been Siamese cats too, like Wendy.
As an adult, I have a Siamese cat named Minou,
whose name inspired this blog title.
I look at this photo and see the fence and yard my parents put in that house.
I've carried on their love of gardening from a childhood of yardwork.
I always felt safe and wanted in that house!
Thank you, sweet brother!

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Vivian Love said...

Very sweet picture. How fun for you. --VivianLove