Friday, December 23, 2016

2017-The year of the UFO Finish!

I signed up on the
all people quilt site for
their 2017 UFO challenge.

I filled out the form and
easily had 12 UFO's to finish.

Then, I got thinking about how
every year I hit about November
and feel stressed to finish many
Christmas themed projects.

So, I printed another UFO
form and filled it out for
just Christmas projects for 2017.

I will be using the
Christmas UFO list for the
UFO challenge here with Judy.

My list is as follows:

01. Nativity for E
02. Nativity for M
03, Nativity for V
04. Gingerbread ornaments for C
05. Gingerbread ornaments for S
06. Art to Heart Nativity wall hanging
07. Art to Heart Nativity wall hanging
08. Crazy Christmas Village wall hanging
09. Crazy Christmas Village wall hanging
10. Christmas tree skirts a. Bird b. Ocean
11.Nativity Christmas tree skirt
12. Nativity for me

I am really excited for
2017....a year of completion!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

The weather outside is frightful!

Freezing temps have come to my area
of the Earth. I don't especially enjoy
Winter-Snow-Cold, but know I will
appreciate the water we will need in the
warm months to grow our garden.

Today is our monthly family
dinner where all the kids and
grandchildren come over to eat
and visit. Between dinner and
Church and other sewing project
(for Christmas), I hope to get some
Slow Sunday stitching done.

If I do, it is back to my
Trip Around the World.

Goodness, that's an old photo....
One person can not hold it up anymore.

I am on Row 41, which is made
up of 142 two inch squares.

I hope you are safe inside from
Mother Nature and are also
Slow Sunday Stitching.

And Happy Holidays to you!

Friday, December 2, 2016

On the Needle-December 2

I haven't posted a
On the Needle status for\
a very long time.

Why...because I haven't been
knitting as much as of late.

But here it is...

Two years in the making...

My first sock!
I kept saying I was going to try
to knit a sock, but it always got
put to the side for other projects

Right now, I am deep in
Christmas projects, so the
second sock will have to
wait until after the
New Year.

What's On the Needle at your house?