Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Guess where I'm going...

on a cruise to Alaska! Yes! Yipe!!!!!

My dad is taking my siblings and I, along with our spouses, on a cruise of the inside passage of Alaska next June (2009). I am SO excited, I can't stand it!

As soon as we found out, I jumped on the Holland America Cruise site and started looking at the route and some of the port activities. We are going to see Juneau, Skagway, Tracy Arm Fjord (pictured below), and Ketchikan. There is so much to do, it can't possibly all be fitted into just 7 days! I definitely want to go whale watching. I've seen the whales by boat in California and Hawaii, and now I can add Alaska. I think they are beautiful creatures!
Hubby wants to fly in a float plane. He use to live in Alaska in the late 1970's and is really excited to be going back again. He has family that still live in Fairbanks....too far away for us to see though
I am already imagining all the fantastic photos that I can take that can turn into great journal quilts. I love working on the smaller scale of journal quilts.

I think I have decided on my pattern for the September journal challenge...I am going to do a picture based on the photo of Antelope Island I posted earlier this week. I still really like the Arrow Lake photo too, but will save it for a later project.

In Closing:Now that Summer is coming to an end here in the USA, what Fall activity are you looking forward too? Me, I love Fall cooking...pumpkin and squash recipes, hot chocolate with marshmallows and apple juice. How about you...please share!


Amber said...

I couldn't be more excited for ya! L (my husband) and I went on a cruise last year and I say it was the best week of my life! I was happy to get a comment from ya! I told Liz to tell ya how much I appreciate the birthday cards and invites over the years. I don't know if she told ya but now you can hear it from me. Thank you! You have always been dear to me.

Ann J said...

What a wonderful suprise and a great treat to look forward to!! Cruising is the most relaxing of holidays even with all the excitement & sightseeing !!

Lorraine said...

lucky, lucky you....a visit to Alaska is one of the things I would really like to day!!! we are heading into spring here which means summer will be next!! I am a winter girl and spring and autumn are close behind but I am not a summer girl!! the extra sunshine at the moment is lovely and the days are still cool....and nice to see the gardens coming to life again....hopefully we will be able to water them a little in the summer to keep them going!

Peggy said...

SUE - YOU'RE RESONATING! Never been on a cruise, but think this is the BEST place to start! Thanks for your blog - soon I'll be resonating!


Gina said...

You lucky girl. I would love to visit Alaska. Hubby has said that hopefully he'll take me for our 25th weding anniversry. I can't wait.

Love and hugs Gina xxx