Saturday, November 15, 2008

October Journal Challenge

Yes, I know it is very late, especially since I sponsored this challenge on my blog. This is my October journal quilt. The theme was Nature-favorite Season. My favorite is actually Summer, but I did this Fall quilt.
I hand painted the fabric at my Utah Quilt Fest dyeing class in September. I add some thread painting to emphasize the fall leave trees. I quilted with clear thread to add texture and shape to the lake and clouds in the sky. The binding was not my best work, but I was glad to just have it done.

Thanks to daughter V for a photo to post!

I am quilting my November journal....Nature, up close. I had V take a photo of it unquilted, just in case I get behind again with photos.

I have enjoyed during this journal challenge. The only other challenge I have joined is a challenge group organized by next project is a 20 X 20 inch quilt representing the theme "Wish". It is due by the first of February 2009.

No "In Closing" question tonight...I'm tired!


Lorraine said...

Sorry.....I ahve to admit to being a complete failure at the Journal quilt apologies!! It seems I bit off just a bit more than I could chew....and along with housework the journal quilts didn't get done!! I will try and do better in future challenges!! Just working on my last swap for the year...and then I need to get on with some projects for the family!

Kris said...

Me too! I am completely in love with the journal quilts, but have just been so busy! I may do them after christmas because i have ideas - just no time!