Thursday, July 26, 2018

I like History

I have always liked reading and studying
about History.

When we travel or move to a
new place, I like to find out the
History of the area and people.

We traveled to Baltimore for the first
time earlier this month. We visited
the Civil War Museum in the 
Inner Harbor area.

It is housed in a restored Train Depot.
The museum is quite small...just the first
floor of the building...but has some
wonderful displays and information.
Imagine living through a war,
right in the area you live....

Here in Utah, we just celebrated
Pioneer Day...July 24...the day
the first Pioneers came into the
Salt Lake Valley.

The pioneers started in the Eastern part
of the USA, some coming from 
Europe, and crossed the country,
pushing hand carts or traveling
by wagons.

Both my parents had ancestors who
crossed the plains, settling in
Utah and Idaho
(and eventually California)

We are lucky to have a journal
from a Great Great Grandfather
describing his travels from England.

I also like to research Family
History or Genealogy.
I am an adopted person and
have meet some of my biological
people over the last 20 years.

They have shared the names
and vital info about their
ancestors and some of their
history with me.

This is Esther,
my paternal Grandmother.
She raised a family of 5 children
on a small plot of land in
Western New York state.

This is my daughter.
She is raising her family on
a small plot of land in Utah.
I love seeing the physical
features they share, passed
down through Time.

I like History!

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Thursday, July 19, 2018

I like...

….unplanned time!

I know, it's a strange "like", but
this Summer, my time and schedule
has been so planned out, that I am
ready for some free time...

Time to do whatever I want...

No deadlines to meet...

No expectations of others to fulfill...

I want to go for a picnic in the Mountains

I want to sew for as long as I want

I want to read into the night

and maybe all day too!

I like unscheduled time!

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Monday, July 16, 2018

This weeks creating....

I am finally getting back into the swing 
of life after a two week vacation.

This weeks creating:

1. July UFO goal:

I am taking over my pine tree quilt
top to my long arm quilter, Kim, to
be finished.

I am embarrassed to say this top has been
buried in a box for years...
I made it for our bed.

2. Finish my Art quilt for a October show:

I am recycling-upcycling textiles, like
the color catchers from laundry
(pictured above)
I am using the batik for a background.

3. Sew the last BOM star block

I picked up the last fabric-pattern packet
for my LQS star block

I am sewing the top in August for my
UFO project, then it goes to my quilter.
I will be donating it for an auction in November.

While on vacation, I shopped some great Antique
stores in Ohio and Illinois.

I have been
buying hankies of various designs to be
used in 2 different art quilts projects.

Locally, many of the Antique stores
have shut down over the last three years,
so I have had a difficult time
finding hankies.

Yes, I went a little crazy on vacation,
but I am definitely stocked up for
a year...or two...

What are you creating?
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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Slow Sunday Stitching-15 July

Why is it so difficult to get back into the
daily schedule after going on Vacation?
I have been home nearly a week and am
still dragging my feet.,,,

I am going to work on some
cross stitch kit that needs to be
finished...probably my Butterfly
Quilt Blocks.

Goals for this week:

I need to contact my Longarm quilter,
Kim, and take over my July UFO project.

The top has been finished for a few years
(hidden in a box) and needs to be finished.
I made it for our bed. 

I also need to finish out an Art Quilt 
for entry into an upcoming show.

What are you Slow Stitching today?

Thursday, July 12, 2018

I like....

New adventures and experiences.

My Husband and I just returned home from
two weeks of traveling through multiple
states in the USA. It was fun and exciting and
stressful and quite the adventure.

When we travel, I always try to go to a
new restaurant or museum or road I have
never traveled on.

This trip, some of my favorite new adventures:


Blue Moon Cafe in Fell's Point (Baltimore), Maryland

We both had the famous
Captain Crunch French toast.

SO Yummy!

Dairy Winkle in Campbells Creek, West Virginia

This is a fast food place owned by my Brother-in-law.
My West Virginia Husband was in seventh heaven
to have a fried bologna sandwich. The food was good
and it was nice to visit with friends of my Husbands
family. We sat and visited for hours.


National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland

I love the Ocean and sea creatures and this is
one of the nicest Aquariums we have visited.
The first Friday, after 5pm, is half price admission,
which was a nice surprise. 

They have two buildings connected by a bridge 
over the canal. They have different exhibits
on each floor, plus large viewing tanks and
a petting area. 

I touched a stingray, horseshoe crab and jellyfish.

I have been to the Air Museum before, but it
has been many years and the current location
is twice the size with wonderful exhibits.

My Dad was a plan e designer and one of his
planes (Mom called it his "Baby)
is on permanent display in the fourth building.

It is the XB-70. I got a little emotional seeing
the plane again. I miss my Dad and it was a
proud moment  seeing his work.

If you are in the area, the museum is a free
place to visit. They have a nice park to
relax in and have lunch.

We had a wonderful vacation....saw lots
of family and friends...

and attended my nephews wedding

Congratulations Kids!             

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