Sunday, September 28, 2008

Week wrap-up

I had a great time this week with all the quilting and sewing related activities with the Utah Quilt Fest. I just wish I could space out the fun here and there instead of all in one week. Some of the Highlights:

Tuesday was the teacher meet and greet. This year's theme was "Piecable Paradise" which translated into Polynesian related decor, food and classes. The evening started off with a singer and his wife-she danced the hula beautifully! After some announcements, Laura Wasilowski spoke. If you ever get a chance to take one of her fusing classes or listen to one of her lectures....go! She was one of the funniest speakers I've ever heard. She had a great slide/photo presentation, along with alot of laughter and singing. Very entertaining, as well as educational! It was a great night, even if the refreshments were yucky..... I also went to the quilt show. As I posted last time, Utah has very small shows. I enjoyed seeing what everyone was doing, but disappointed in the small amount of quilts hung at the show. I did take some photos, but did not get permission to post from the makers, so below is a publicity photo from the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii of a Hawaiian related quilt for you to ooohhh and aaawwwweeee over.

Friday, I went with my friend Teri to a lecture class. The class was suppose to be about how to use your scrap to make new quilts. I was very disappointed with the class. The teacher just rambled on about how she uses scraps, showed some of her quilts from when she redecorated her house, then kept asking if anyone had ideas how to use scraps. At the end, she said she had heard about some bloggers who use up their scraps/stash and mentioned she had heard about a lady named "Judy" who posted weekly about her quilts. I finally figured out she was talking about Judy at, one of my favorite blogs to read. The class was to be two hours, but it was only about an hour, then she spent the time trying to sell patterns and handing out papers about the classes she teaches. I don't know how other Fest are, but Utah Fest usually discourages the teacher spending more time selling then teaching.

Saturday, I was suppose to go to a family baby shower, but it didn't happen....too much other stuff. Hubby and I did major landscaping. We've let the summer swish by without alot of garden maintenance, and the yard looks awful. We moved two large Russian Sage bushes, relocated alot of ground cover, and transplanted Shasta daisies and lilies (from Teri's front yard). Next weekend, it's thinning out the strawberries, planting raspberries and a couple of peach trees. We also stopped by the last summer farmers market in Syracuse. I had some of my mom's earrings repaired, plus treated myself to 4 pairs of earrings and 2 pendants. I am not much of a jewelry person, but I am definitely trying to change my look. The earrings I choose must be okay, because daughter V already borrowed a pair to wear to Church today!

In Closing: I have noticed lately how friendly and thoughtful others are to me-usually strangers. At the market, the vendor repaired my mom's earrings for free before she knew I was thinking of purchasing anything! What nice things have you had done for you lately?

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Kris said...

You are so right Suzanne! I see kindness all around too. Of course, there is unkindness as well, but sometimes we concentrate too much on this. Just today I had strangers open doors for me and pick things up for me. My daughter made lunch for me and another daughter brought me drinks. And those are just the things that spring to my mind!