Sunday, August 30, 2015

Slow stitching Sunday

The time has arrived.
No more 9-5. No deadlines.
No appointments.
I am a stay home woman again!
A new chapter in my life.
And going with that new chapter,
I am trying to be better organized
in my sewing/knitting/handiwork.
I organized my studio and found
4 cross stitch projects that are
way over due to be finished.
I am starting with the oldest
project: Fish wall hanging.

I was raised near the ocean and
 love ocean-beach themed d├ęcor.
This one is destined
for the bathroom wall.

Fabric report-30 Aug

So, a new chapter in my life
begins this week.
I am a stay home woman
once again. No 9-5 job.
No deadlines or appointments.
I have taken a new
pledge to myself:
No purchasing of Fabric or Yarn
for the next 12 months
(my husband suggested 18 months)
I have taken the pledge before
and have succeeded, so I know
it is a doable goal.
Today, my fabric stash begins
Fabric in: 0 yards
Fabric out: 0 yards
Let the sewing begin....

Friday, August 28, 2015

On the Needle 28 Aug

I am beginning to knit for
Fall birthdays and Christmas.
I am a very slow knitter, so
I have to plan ahead.
This is the slouchy hat I am
doing for two Granddaughters
who have Fall birthday.
It is called
Socky Slouchy Hat by
Lauren Sanchez. It is a free
pattern on
I am starting a new chapter in
my life and am taking on some
new goals. One goal is to
now purchase yarn (or fabric)
for the next year. I need to
use up the large surplus I have
already in my studio.
I have gone a year before with
out fiber husband
thinks I should try for
18 months. I think a year is
a good amount of time...ha ha!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Changes are a coming....

Most folks set goals for the New Year,
but over the years, I have gotten
in the habit of setting my goals
September to September...results of
being married to a school teacher.
I am also starting a new chapter in
my life. For the last few years, I
have been babysitting Grandchildren
nearly full time. As of this week,
I am done with babysitting...kind
of like retiring, I guess. I am
ready to make some changes
and doing some things for myself.
My fabric stash busting has
not changed in the last while.
I have sewn quite a bit, but I
had to purchase specific fabrics
for the projects.
My Slow Sunday Stitch project:
I am back to working on my
Trip Around the World.
Hopefully, the weather will cool
off soon, so I do not wilt under a
large quilt top.
I am making my list for my
next adventure, which I will
post next week with my
fabric stash busting and Hand
sewn Sunday post.

Friday, August 14, 2015

1st On the Needle post

Hi all!
I have never posted at Judy's
"On the Needle" post before...
I am still new to knitting!
I finished my first shawl last

I accepted the challenge
to enter it in our local
county fair. I won a
1st place ribbon!
I am onto trying a new
hat next

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Summer has just flown by

I haven't done too well with blogging
this Summer. Busy, busy, busy!
I recently donated some quilts to
my Church and the QOV organization
so I have used some fabric...finally!
Used during July: 14.5 yards
Used to date: 28.5 yards
I hope to use more in the next
few weeks when we get back
more to a schedule. Husband
(the teacher) and grandkids
in school. Me is my studio.
The quilts I donated to my
Church were passed on to a
local family shelter. We held a
"baby shower" party, but it
was not for a specific baby. Ladies
brought baby/toddler related gifts,
we tied my quilts, had some yummy
treats and played a cute baby shower
game. Fun way to do service and
get to know the ladies of my Church.
How is your fabric stash busting going?