Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ask and you shall receive...

...or at least be put in a new situation!

Okay, I was grouching/posting/thinking about my present situation and how I didn't feel very social, but maybe I needed to be more....well...I got a new calling at Church. I am now over the Ward (Church) activities/parties. I start with a Christmas party, then plan something about 2-4 months as I feel we need to get everyone together. Yeah, I am going to have to be social now!

The last three years, our Ward Christmas party has been dinner (ham, potatoes, salads, roll and dessert) plus a program. Unfortunately, when you get 200-250 people, ages newborn thru about 80 years in the same gym, it gets a little noisy and crazy. Some people come only for the dinner, then leave before the program. I always feel bad for those who put time and energy into a nice program. I have the option to do three different things:

1.Have the same kind of dinner and program

2.Have a program with just dessert

3.Have a breakfast and a program

My friends Ward switched to the Saturday breakfast and program a few years ago, and said it has been wonderful. People have so many plans at night between school, family and company parties, but early morning usually is not planned out. I am leaning towards the breakfast plan. I am waiting for a call back from the building scheduler to see what building we can find to fit 250 people for dinner (our local building is too small-150 people max and very squishy in our gym)
UPDATE:Brother Porter called back....out of three buildings, during the month of December, only one was available.....so.....it's a Saturday morning breakfast, and I think we are going to skip the program and just let folks casually visit and take a breather from their crazy holiday schedule!

Switching to grandchildren. Our granddaughters are have a combined costume birthday party next week. I am still sewing gifts. I am also going to try and get as much Christmas done for them too, so it can go back in the car to Idaho. Some winters we have a hard time getting thru the snowy canyons to our family. Tayge cut two teeth this week...one at my house and the other in the middle of the night with his parents. He is a much happier baby now that those teeth are thru the gums.

In Closing: Halloween....like it, hate it, or could care less? I love making costumes, but don't especially enjoy Halloween. How about your best costume? Me....I was a skunk with a perfume bottle that I sprayed folks with (water!) Share, please.....


Jen said...

I don't mind Halloween... on October 31st. I do NOT enjoy extended celebrations (getting my kids dressed up 3 times, weeks of extra candy, tombstones and freaky skeletons in yards). I'm pretty much a party pooper. I do like the kids to have fun on Halloween night, though.
My most memorable costumes were when I went to a dance as a bunch of grapes (try dancing with balloons pinned all over your body... boing, boing, boing...), and when I was Miss Piggy. Mom improvised a snout for me from a section of egg carton, batting, and a pink nylon. We tried to stick it over my nose using chewing gum (chewed). Whenever I think of that Halloween, I can still smell spearmint.

Rebekah said...

About the Christmas Party:
Well, I think maybe you could have everybody get their dinner, have them start eating and socializing for a couple of minutes, then start the program. They could eat while they watch the program. That way, not so many people will miss it.

Peggy said...

Last year our ward had a morning breakfast w/simple program and Samta.
It was a nice change. Think breakfast is simpler to serve a large group.

My favorite costume was a mouse. Mom made a rabbit, princess, devil.
The perfume bottle was a clever addition!

Kris said...

Lol! Hey, the Lord must be reading your blog Suzanne! We don't do halloween here in Australia. (Thank goodness! Like I need something else to do!) I am behind with my journal quilt. Hopefully I will get to it this week! Hope you have a great week!

MarkS said...

I only have a picture of my favorite costume, and it wasn't even me. It's when Mom dressed up Dick as Little Bo Peep and Dave and Tom were sheep. Classic! They were about 5-7 yrs old...