Sunday, October 30, 2016

Red and White is almost done.....

I love finishing a large project.

I have been working on my
Red n White quilt for months.

Today, I am hand stitching
the label on the back and then


The quilt is for the
Utah State Quilt Guild
Jubilee 40th Anniversary
celebration in 2017.

It is also for my
35th Wedding Anniversary.
My Husband helped pick out
blocks that meant something to
our marriage over the years.

What are you
Slow Sunday Stitching today?

Friday, October 28, 2016

Time for a new knit project

I usually have multiple sewing projects
going at any given time, but only one
or two knit projects.

I just finished this hat for myself.

It is called "Thistle Hat"....I found the
pattern in a library book, though I am
sure it is on too.

It is the first time I have followed
a knitting chart. It wasn't
difficult since there was
only a 6 row repeat for the
circle pattern ribbing.

Now...what to knit?

I have no other project started.

I keep saying I am going to try to
learn to knit socks. After 5 years,
maybe the time has come.....

What's on your needles?

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Staying busy and moving on....

I am feeling frustrated today.
I have many projects that I could be
working on, but all I want to do is
the one project I can not....
my Red n White quilt.

It is still at the quilters house.

Okay, what to do....

I could work on my
Trip Around the World

(Wow, that's an old photo)

Or I could do some cross stitch
work on some quilt blocks.

Or I could finish any number of
partial started projects.

I think it is time to make a list.
(A long list)
A list of started projects which
need to be finished.

This may take a while.....

What are you working on?

Sunday, October 16, 2016

On to the next project

It is a rainy morning and Fall
weather is in full swing here in Utah.

I finally finished my Red n White quilt.
It goes to my quilter, Diane, tomorrow.

I made this quilt for the Utah
Quilt Guild Jubilee, which is
being celebrated next year.

I also made it to celebrate my
Husbands and I wedding anniversary
next year too. He helped pick out
the blocks.

Some of the block represent where
we have lived or other aspects of our
married life together.

For my Slow Sunday stitching,
I think I will go dig out a
needlepoint project that needs
to be finished.

What are you working on?

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Welcome Fall

The nights are getting cooler.
The temperature is getting colder.
The leaves are changing their colors
to beautiful oranges and reds.

It's Fall here in Utah (USA)

Perfect weather for staying inside
and catching up on my hand work.

I am back to hand stitching my
Trip Around the World quilt.
Above is a very old photo from
when I had just had begun this project.

This weeks goals:

Get the borders finished on Red n White quilt

Send Red n White quilt to my quilter

Finish quilting my Welcome quilt

What are you creating?