Thursday, August 28, 2008

I got my class list!

I got my class list for the Utah Quilt Guild Annual Quilt Festival! It is being held in Ogden (Utah) this next month. Though I am not taking any classes from them, the National teachers are:
Jane Sassaman

Laura Wasilowski

Karen Stone, and

Louisa Smith (I couldn't find a photo of her, so here's her book)

The festival is being held at the Ogden Eccles Conference Center, that is connected to the Hampton Inn Hotel Center (pictured below).

I have the following classes:

Tuesday-Opening Social to meet the teachers and hear a little about them

Wednesday-all day fabric dyeing class with the Festival luncheon with Jane Sassaman speaking

Thursday-Orphan block class....I may or may not go to it...see how I feel

Friday-Lecture about scrappy quilts and how to use up your fabric stash

The festival runs through Saturday, but I couldn't decide on any classes I really felt the need to take that day. The luncheon that day is the business meeting for the of table centerpieces and other fundraisers. I am really excited about the fabric dyeing class. We are suppose to wear old clothes and bring a 5 gallon bucket, sponge brushes/stamps and any other small containers to practise dyeing techniques. I have a couple (okay, a few!)landscape plans in my brain, but I always stop because I can't find the correct fabrics to do what I want to do. Maybe dyeing my own fabric will change that!

In Closing:Any quilt teacher, local or well known, that you've especially enjoyed taking a class from? Me-it would be a local teacher Carol Johnson, who does amazing journal sized landscape quilts. She's a great teacher too...very easy to understand and very helpful, if you are slow, like me!


Peggy said...

A journal quilt. Just seeing Amy's, I LOVE the idea. Wonder where they get the dyes you'll use. For a landscape, what of your theme with a seagull at the ocean? Can't wait to see what you create!

Beth said...

Aren't you the lucky one? I met Laura at Paducah and she is one nice lady!

Learn something for me, will ya?

Cathie in UT said...

Hi Suzanne...I too am heading up for Quilt fest...I have only one class on Thursday all day but that's OK as I will attend the luncheons and enjoy the vendors! LOL
I am staying up at Wolf Creek with some friends in a condo which will be nice I think
Maybe we will meet up there!