Sunday, October 27, 2013

I actually sewed something!

After 2 months without a
studio/sewing place/uncluttered house,
my studio is finally finished!
Well...finished enough I
could move into it and function.
So, I sewed my granddaughters
Tinkerbell costume for Halloween.
It was glorious!
It felt so wonderful!
I loved sewing again!
Since it was not my
material, I can not count
it towards stash busting,
but, at least I was
able to create again!
This weeks goal:
1. More sewing
2. Learn how to get my photos
onto the blog.
3.More sewing.
What are your creating goals
for this week?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lots to do...where is my list?

There is lots to do, now that I have
an established sewing area again....
after 2 months of not sewing...
yes, 2 months WITHOUT sewing!!
Unfortunately, the new studio
is in complete disarray right now.
Piles of boxes to organize
and bags of items to go thru and
put away.
here in blog land starting
tomorrow, so I had better
get super!
Since I have not sewn
a stitch in 2 months,
my stash busting numbers
have not changed at all.
I will have some
change by next week though,
I promise you
What are your sewing plans?

Friday, October 11, 2013

I'm here..still...even on a Friday!

I normally work on Fridays,
so I have not been posting on
"What's on the Needle". I am off...(happy dance)
I have completed 2 scarves (for me)
and 1 shawl (for charity) in the last
month of knitting.
Currently working on a cowl.
Unfortunately, no photos.
This is a new computer for me,
and I have not figured out how
to get the photos from my phone
to the computer.
What are you working on?