Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stashbusting Report

Same old post

Fabric in YTD-58 yard

Fabric out YTD-87 yard

I promised I have been sewing, but it's been little blocks here and there!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Surgery Update

Our son had his surgery this week. Instead of one large tumor he had 5 little ones all clustered together. He spent his vacation recovering at our our house and is now back home. He gets the biopsy results in about 10 days.
He passed the time recovering on our couch by torturing his little sister. Good thing they love each other, or she may have hurt him! LOL!

Looking forward to things settling down here again...yeah, right! Okay, a little quieter than the normal Circus. I have sewing, knitting, cleaning & Family History on the list...not in that order.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day flowers & Service Quilt Block

My Hubby is the caretaker for Syracuse ( Utah) Cemetery. He is always very nervous that everything looks good enough for all the family & friends coming to decorate the graves, especially at Memorial Day. As usual, the grounds look wonderful! The flowers above are a wild bush that grows along the North boundaries of the Cemetery. My Hubby actually hates this bush...nasty thorns, but I love the flowers all Summer long. Not sure what kind of bush it even is...anyone know?

I've also included a rather poorly taken photo of some QOV signature blocks. We are asking all the quilters in out area to make & get signed as many as possible before the July deadline. I made 14 out of scraps then ran out of white fabric.
Have a great day!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day my way

Being the great Mom & Grandma that I am, what do you think my family did for the three day Memorial Weekend? Picnic with a yummy homemade lunch? Boating with all kids on the lake? Sharing wonderful Family stories as we decorated the graves of the dearly passed on at the cemetery?
Nope...all my kids & grandbabies went with their in-laws & friends camping & four wheeeling in Idaho, while Hubby & I stayed home...and it was wonderful! I am such a bad woman!!!!(hehehe)
We spent the weekend marking things off the Eternal to-do list. Just a sampling: 1.Cleaned out flowers beds
2.New sprinkler system in front porch flowerbed
3.New lights installed in bedroom & studio
4.New doorknobs & locks on doors & garage
5.Lawns mowed & edged
I also sewed up 14 signature blocks for the QOV drive for the state of Utah. And lastly, I made a attempt to learn to knit. I found a couple books at the Library, found my Grandma's old needles, dug out the big yarn bag and practised away. My Grandmother H tried to teach me as a child...crocheting I caught onto immediately, but knitting was a disaster. Nearly 40 years later, I decided to try it on my own. My Hubby got a big laugh out of watching me...he thought the knitting needles were winning for a while.
Hope you all had a great weekend!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Stashbusting Report

Same as last week...lots of sewing but nothing finished

Fabric in this week-0 yards
Fabric in YTD-58 yards

Fabric out this week-0 yards
Fabric out YTD-87 yards

Friday, May 22, 2009

Just can't seem to finish this quilt

I switched the photos...sorry....
I am working on a quilt for my Quilt chapters June show & luncheon. The theme is "Summertime" and the sides of the quilt can't be smaller than 12 inches or larger than 40 inches. I originally made this as a technique piece to try some new stuff out...
I pieced the blocks out of solid colored cotton, then quilted however I felt like with variegated thread. I put the binding on and threw it back in the pile for the last few months. Decided to use it for the June show. I've added things that mean Summertime to me. I have flowers in the lower left corner. I have a sunshine & kites in the upper right corner. I added sparklers for Fourth of July to the middle, but they didn't come out too well in the photo.

(This is what the original looked like before I bleached dyed it...wish I hadn't dyed it)
I am stuck on this project. If it wasn't due by the second week in June, I'd throw it back in the pile again.....argh!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Stashbusting Report

Fabric in this week-2.5 yards
Fabric in YTD-58 yards

Fabric used this week-5 yards
Fabric used TYD-87 yards

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Stashbusting Report

Same as the week before...

Fabric in this week-0 yards
Fabric in YTD-55.5 yards

Fabric out this week-0 yards
Fabric out YTD-82 yards

Mother's Day & son update

Update on my son...long story has been rescheduled for the end of the month...ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Onto something else...Mother's day
I am not a big celebrator of Mother's Day...
When my Mom was alive, she did a big dinner or other get-to-gether for me & my sister-in-laws and we always had a great time. The celebration was built around her mostly because she was a great Mom to all. When she died 8 years ago, I just didn't feel like celebrating anymore.
Yesterday, my Hubby decided we needed a day out by grandkids
He took me to Taggart's restaurant...half way between Ogden, Utah & Evanston, Wyoming on Highway I-84/exit 108. All that is there is the restaurant, a house & a few cabins. The freeway exit basically puts you in the driveway of the house or the restaurant, depending on which direction you are exiting.
Here's our lunch...he had the bacon cheeseburger with fries & I had a teriyaki chicken pita with salad. He also tried their Orange Cream soda.

While waiting for the food, we gazed out over the gardens & patio. It would be a nice place to have a small wedding or party. The garden is alive with peacocks...this one was about 10 feet from our table.

And of course...dessert. Taggart's is famous for their desserts. Our choices...I had the raspberry chocolate cheesecake & Hubby had the rocky road brownie plus a coconut macaroon. We also purchased a very large sugar cookie for our daughter L who gave us a gift certificate to Taggarts...thank you, sweet daughter!
I say we had dessert...some of each is still in the much to eat in one day!
So what is the rest of my weekend going to be like...laying around & doing absolutely nothing! Hubby bought me a quilt magazine & a garden/home magazine, so I may just go soak in the jet tub & read for a while!

Friday, May 8, 2009

A little prayer & good thoughts, please

I haven't been posting for the last little while, because we've had a bunch of little projects/dramas/problems going on lately.

The main one is my son...he's having surgery tomorrow to remove a tumor from his bladder...kind of bad for a 20 something father of two to have to go thru. If you are a praying kind of person, or just believe in good thoughts bring good results, please add us to your list.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Stashbusting Report

Fabric in this week-0 yards
Fabric in YTD-55.5 yards

Fabric out this week-0 yards
Fabric out YTD-82 yards

Another week of cutting out & trying to finish UFO's, but nothing completed!