Sunday, October 19, 2008

Do you know....

....where these folks are?

Normally, I do not watch daytime television. After 4 months babysitting Tayge, occasionally I need to listen to another adult voice. I've gotten in the habit of watching the noon news and then a daytime talk show. The host is Bonnie Hunt (pictured below)

Hence, the Bonnie Hunt show!
I wasn't quite sure who she was, until I realized I had seen her as the Mom in the remake of the movie "Cheaper by the Dozen" a few years ago. I've enjoyed watching her daytime show, though I usually only make it thru the opening talk and have only seen her gardening part of the show a couple of times.

During one of her opening talks, she was telling stories about growing up in a big family with great parents, especially her Mom. She told a story about an old boyfriends of her Moms. That led to a e-mail from someone who knew him and she talked to him....50 years after he dated her mom. She also talked about how she and her sisters would try to be outside hanging laundry so they could check out the cute garbage men. One of the garbage men then contacted her on the phone on her show.

So, I got thinking about folks from my past that I had lost track of. A couple I have found thru the mail or Internet and have had contact with...mostly because I wanted to apology to them for something in the past. The one was very nice and said there was no hurt feelings....the other never contacted me back (which is probably a good thing)

I want to find a few others, so I am going to put it out there. I am not posting photos, for their privacy sake.

1.Sherry Feibish/Fiebish-she lived on our street in Manhattan Beach, California. She was an amazing clothes designer...sweaters, mostly. I was very influenced by her, since she was the first woman I had known who was single, lived on her own, and worked a fabulous job. I know she sold her business at the LA Mart sometime in the 1980's and moved (I think) to Arizona or Nevada. She was original from back East. A very creative person!

2.Jane Orchard-she graduated with me from Mira Costa High in California in 1980. I think I read somewhere during my Internet search that she is married with a couple of kids and still lives in the beach area (Manhattan, Hermosa, Redondo) She was a good friend in HS...not judgemental or superior in any way.

3.Heather Nuttall-she was one of my 7 roommates at Snow College (Utah) in 1980-1981. She was a military kids who graduated HS in Utah, but had lived in Hawaii. I dearly loved my relationship with her at a very important time in my life. She took me home to spend a school break and I felt very welcomed by her family. She taught me how to drive a car! I know she got married in a Utah LDS Temple sometime in the Summer/Fall of 1981. you know any of these folks? Let me know...

In Closing: I am giving you any open invite to post one person you are looking for from your past. Maybe I know them, or my child works with them, or some other connection. Please share in the comment section.

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Kris said...

I hope you find those you are looking for! It was interesting to read that you graduated high school in 1980. That's when I finished high school too!