Wednesday, June 26, 2019

I like-#19 2019

This was my post for last week, but if
you go back and see, I had a much
more exciting post... it is...

I Like Nature and Art

A friend sent me these images of 
real leaves that an artist crocheted
together. Amazing!

I like different types of Art

Beautiful sand designs!

I like a nice Dinner in Nature

My Husband and I celebrated our
wedding anniversary at Taggart's.

It is a restaurant up a 
Canyon from us. Everything
is homemade and grilled.

You can eat inside or out on the
patio. There are peacocks
wandering...this is Princeton.

They have two dessert displays.
This one is the cakes and cheesecakes.
The other has cookies, brownies
and dessert bars.
So yummy!

I love...

our newest granddaughter, Miss O.
So sweet!

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Thursday, June 20, 2019

2019- I lIke #18

I had a great photo heavy 
"I like" post already to post,
then this happened.....

I LOVE....

a new granddaughter!

Welcome #9 grandchild,
little Miss O.

She favors her Mom in skin and
hair color, plus she has
the same little nose bump
the girls all have....

I am completely in love!

Thursday, June 6, 2019

2019 I Like-#17

I like....

I like vintage cars

The hood ornaments

The grills

This is a new car to me...

I like Spring planting

I planted Gazania by the mailbox

I planted veggies on the 
front porch.
(we are re-landscaping the
backyard, so no garden this year)

I like sewing

I have been taking meds where I could not
operate machinery...including a sewing machine.

After six weeks, I made
another block for an auction quilts

The block is called
Star of Virginia

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