Friday, October 24, 2008

My adventure all alone

I am a mom...and a grandma....and the youngest kid in my sibling family....and I am never alone! Most of the time, this does not bother me. I do not like big crowds, but hanging out with those I love is usually a treat.

Until this week....I needed a break. I tried to get daughter V to go see the movie "The Secret Life of Bees" with me-I liked the book. She didn't want to go, so I figured I would just wait until it comes out on DVD and rent it. So, I found my self alone on a Wednesday....what to do? First I went to my local Ben Franklin's with their 40% off coupon. I have been wanting to decorate my kitchen in reds and yellows with a honeybee and bee hive theme. Of course I haven't found anything I like...everything bee related has a bear too. I found a display of a stitchery kit for Utah with a beehive and other symbols I like. The store is out of kits! Okay, so next, I decide I am hungry...... I go to a restaurant called Souper! Salad! I had hear it was pretty good. No, it wasn't. A long salad bar with about 10 things you could put on your lettuce, some cut up fruit, about 3 types of bread to choose from....that's it. I have that kind of stuff at home! I do like to people watch, so I found it interesting to sit and wonder what some of my fellow luncheoners were really like. There were multi older couples who sat and ate, but didn't speak to one another. There were two ladies that were easily my age (mid 40's) who were dressed like high schoolers....not a good look. There were four ladies celebrating one of their birthdays (they had balloons) that sounded like they were having a fantastic time. Oh, onto JoAnn's fabric with.... fist full of coupons. I need thin batting and a couple yards of white ribbon for a couple of Christmas gifts. The problem....I can't get to the! I know it is an old joke about Utah being the land of orange traffic cones and construction signs, but I am beginning to think it isn't a joke. I give up!

I have realized the last few months that I am not completely happy with where I am in my life. I have a couple of close friends, but one lives far away (we haven't seen each other face-to-face in 18 years) and the other has her house up for sale. I need to be more social and develop some friendships closer to home. I think I am a pretty good person and I use to social at one time in my life.
In Closing: I have been told that we develop relationships usually for one of three reasons-(1)for a reason, (2)for a season or (3)for forever....what do you think?