Thursday, May 30, 2019

2019 I Like -#16

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I like my yard blooms

The iris are blooming like crazy!

With all the rain, our strawberry
patch is bursting with strawberries!

I like the Amish store

My husband loves deli meat and cheese

He especially loves hot cheese, which they sell.

I like the canned foods

I like trying new things

The Amish store has a mining area

You buy a bag of dirt, put the dirt in the 

then swish it in the running water.

We found all sorts of pretty stones.

I like my 100 days of Summer project

Each year, I do a 
100 day of Summer project
from Memorial to Labor day.

This year, the theme is "Try new things"

I have been collecting men's ties
and want to do a quilt project with them

       I found this image on Facebook.

I like Rainbows             

With all the rain, 
we were rewarded with 
a beautiful double reward

Thursday, May 16, 2019

I Like #15-2019

I like the Spring Blooms             

Purple flowers blooming on the Ivy

Bush coming back from severe snow burn.
My Husband wanted to pull it out last
year, but I wanted to give it a little longer
to re-grow...and it did. of my favorite flowers,
These blooms are pass down bulbs 
from my Great-Great Grandmother.

I like a new knit project

I have been attempting to use up most of my
fiber storage..not buying more...but...
I could not resist this yarn
It is from Deborah at

Lastly, I like hand sewing

I have been battling some health problems
(that's why I did not post last week)
which makes it so I can't always
do everyday things, but
I can always hand sew.

These sheep are going to my
knit and crochet group friends.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

I like 2019-#14

I like unusual buildings

I love architecture, but I really
enjoy unusual designed buildings

I like Spring flower bulbs

The daffodils are done, so next up,
are the tulips

I have folks ask all the time if the tulips
(pictured below) are black.

Nope...just very deep purple.

I like photos of the Earth

Last week I posted about a internet
site called Earth Porn...and how I disliked
the name of site....

This week, I found a different
site called Earth Photos.

Stunning photos of nature
with a nicer name.

I like car shows

My Husband is restoring a 
1956 Chevy Bel-Air
and is getting close to picking
the two tone outside color

I especially like this
pearl and grey combo.

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