Saturday, March 8, 2008

What a wonderful day!

I have had such a great day! This was one for the records!

E made it thru her baby shower. Lots of folks came, lots of great visiting and she got tons of things. I even got the baby boy boat blankie quilted. I'm not completely happy with the quilting, but she loves it, so that's what counts, right! I hope I got a good photo of it. I'll post it soon. She actually got alot of handmade gifts....blankets, burp clothes, and bibs. I usually give a handmade gift at baby showers and people are so surprised. Her husbands family has some very creative women. Her FIL made some great food too. My SIL S took some photos for their family website so the cousins could see everyone (maybe they got a photo of the blankie!). I did take lots of photos of the cloth diaper cake centerpiece. It turned out beautiful....but I never want to do another one again...too much work. I can now take the boat blankie off the UFO list....yeah!

I guess you get what you ask for...I've been talking about getting a digital camera, and Hubby spent his coaching money and bought a camera, along with a printer, today. I feel like a little kid with a new toy!

Yesterday, T and I went to a art quilt show at the Brigham City Museum. It was fantastic! My personal favorite was "Water Flow" (2003) by Anonymous. It was a landscape of water and mountains and sky.....multi fabrics with amazing colored quilting. If I did something so great, I would proudly put my name on it. T like "Scattering Leaves" (2003) by Barbara Frey. She pieced a long wallhanging, then stamped small squares, then appliqued leaves, then beautifully quilted the whole thing. If it had been for sale, T would definitely had bought it. The whole exhibit was great. We did have a funny moment-we were looking at one piece, saying it reminded us of flowers and flowing lines and nature. We then read the artist statement-it was her interpretation of the female body. What we thought were flowers were nipples of the breast! We got kind of giggly...the museum worker gave us funny looks! What amazing work quilters are doing out there. We did see two terms of construction we did not know....Discharge and Procion. Anyone know what procedures these are?

I'm looking forward to a nice quiet evening of a bubble bath and setting the clocks back. Happy Daylights Saving Time!

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Steele's said...

Sorry I couldn't make it, I had previous commitments. I hope she had fun! The first one is always the best.