Friday, March 14, 2008

Goals and learning new things

Devils Gate, Wyoming
Completed Sept 2007
I decided to try and get my quilting projects/goals done off of my "to-do" list right from the start, instead of always letting them drop to bottom and not getting done. I received the vintage row quilt #2 directions of Tuesday and got it done of Wednesday. I think it looks pretty good. I've never done pinwheels before. The photo with this post is a 8" X 11" wallhanging I did in a night class last September at the Utah Annual Quilt Fest. I made the goal to have it done immediately, and I did...hand appliqued and machine quilted in 2 days. I loved the class!

No baby yet...poor mommy-to-be, but it's better he stays in there for the fullest time instead of coming out too early!

I played on the computer this week and went to to their art quilt forum. I found out what "discharging" is....basically, removing the color from the fabric. I also watched a TV show yesterday (unusally for me) called "Quilting Arts" with pokey somebody (didn't catch her last name) and saw the technique of adding fibers and adding colored foil to your work. I had seen both at the art quilt T and I went to last week, but didn't know how to do it. Of course, now I am ready to jump in and try all these fun procedures. One poster of said she was going to make a list of all the new techniques she wanted to try and then pick one each week to experiment with...I may just try that too!

T and I were suppose to go somewhere today and do something quilt related to celebrate National Quilting Day (one day early) but she got too busy-she's a VERY busy woman! I may spend this evening or part of tomorrow doing something quilt related. I have kept up on my "10 minutes a day of quilting" goal from Quilting Diva.

Postcards:I received cards from Paris (France), Bristol (England?), Pennsylvania (USA) and Vancouver B.C.(Canada). I sent a card to the Netherlands to a girl named Suzanne from Suzanne!


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