Thursday, March 6, 2008

Good Morning, World!

Quilted 50's mini log cabins 2000

Good Morning all,

I never got back here last night....too tired.

I did get in my 10 minutes of sewing for the challenge. In fact, I got in more like 45 minutes. Worked on baby boy boat blankie......thought I had the tension figured out on the new machine, but I didn't...but it is about 1/3 quilted, so that's a good thing.

Spent the day with the wonderful folks at the DMV. Hubby needed a medical form to renew his license thru the mail, plus Daughter V went and got her license-you've all been warned! Seems a little wierd that she was our last child to do the whole teen driving step of life. No more white knuckle drives in the Church parkinglot! I guess I can't say alot about it, because Hubby taught all our kids to drive.

I picked up the mystery packets of photos yesterday. They turned out to be my grand-daughters birthday party (3 months ago), my dad's Air Force reunion (4 months ago) and the tell end of my trip with T to Sisters, Oregon for the quilt fest last July. Got some pretty good family photos from the reunion and birthday party. I am going to attempt to post some photos later. I say "attempt", because I have not mastered this part of my blog, as you can see.

While at Wally World picking up the photos, I noticed they had their 2008 calendars on clearance for 10 I picked up 5 calendars. I use calendars, as well as postcards and other photos, to help with my landscape and pictoral quilts. 12 photos for 10 cents is a great bargain! I got calendars of eagles, american symbols, wolves (for hubby), landscapes (beautiful one of slot canyon in Utah, which I am already working on) and black and white landscape photos.

More quilting planning today after the dentist!


steele life said...

OH my gosh. I just found your blog. Everytime i tried to get on it would never let me get on to your blog. But here i am. Thats why I've never written you back! Thanks for all the cute messages you leave on our blog!
Love ya!
Sam and Sara

Shelly Ru & Tigger Too! said...

Hey! I wanted to let you know that my mom has a blog now! It's at, and her records of her before her life with my dad, is at :D Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I'm so glad I found out that you had one!!