Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Quiltathon Day

I am going to join in the Quiltathon day scheduled for today thru Judy at Patchwork Times. I plan to work on my MIL birthday quilt that is very overdue. It is a signature/quote quilt from all her children and grandchildren. It took me longer than expected to get all the quotes and well-wishes from everyone. I need to put the borders on and quilt it.

We are all going crazy with Spring fever here. Even the cats! Big kitty was in the window gazing over her kingdom....little kitty decided to see if she could pull Big Kitty by the tail. It took 3 attempts, and they both came tumbling down. Lots of hissing and spitting, then a fight up on my bed, then nuetral corners of the bed for the rest of the day. Big Kitty's name is actually Minou, who this blog is named after. I tried to use my real name, Suzanne, but it was taken, so I used Minou instead!

I took care of Dad on Sunday. Each of us kid take a Sunday each month to go to Church and have lunch with him. I got thinking this weekend and realized that my Mom has been gone for 7 years this month. I can't believe the time has gone so quickly! I have had 2 children married and have become a granma myself in those 7 years.

Update:I got the 2nd of three borders cut and pieced. I had originally planned just two borders, but then realized it wasn't going to work. I wish I could have had more time on it....oh well, there's always tomorrow!


JUST A MOM said...

I can't wait to see your quilt, it sound lovley. I am working on so many it is not funny. Do you plan ot machine quilt it or do you hand quilt. My reason for asking is this,,,,, I love hand quilting but have been told by so many I need ot try machine quilting... I am scared to death I will mess it up. So just wondering... happy quilting.

Kaylene said...

THAT's why you sign Minou (Light bulb moment!) Kevin asked me lastnight who this "Minou" was that keeps commenting on our blog, guess he was just reading the content and not the signature, hahaha! Thanks for all of your comments. :)

It's amazing what's happened since Grandma passed away.I myself have become a part of the family, a wife, a daughter in law, gotten three sisters (if "only" sisters-in-law)an Aunt, and a mother in those years. Most within the first 14 months.

It's so fun to see E* has joined the blogging world! I'm so excited for her, and you to have another grandchild!

(((HUGS))) hope the quilting goes well! I don't have the patients, I've tried, but I like things to be easy and go smoothly, if I have to un-do, I put away and move on, hahaha! It takes a special kind of woman to keep at it and enjoy it!