Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Trying something new

I was again greeted this morning by a beautiful sunrise, and it was up to a balmy 34 degrees! At this rate, we'll be in swimsuits by next Christmas!

I signed up to be part of Quilt Studio after I notice the few other quilter blogs I liked to read were part of that webring. I also joined a challenge by one of the QS members to try and sew 10 minutes a day. Doesn't sound like alot, right? Well, I did not make my 10 minutes today....maybe I can do 20 tomorrow?

I also wanted to mention the cute little lambs the local farmer released out into the field today. I love watching the little black lambs with their mommies exploring their new World. They would run around together, kicking up their heels, then stopping when they thought they got too far from Mom. Too cute!

A few more days to the baby shower...still don't have baby boy boat blankie (try saying that 3 times fast!) quilted. I tried with my new machine yesterday, but had troubles with the tension and un-sewed everything I had done. Plan to try again tomorrow.



Beth said...

Hi, Suzanne! Welcome to the Quilt Studio ring!

Here's the answer to your question about who made that pictorial quilt:


I actually SAW this quilt in Paducah at the museum.

Anyway, I'll be coming by to see you.

Minou said...

Thanks for the quilt info, Beth. A friend sent me the photo of Marilyn Belfords quilt, but I hadn't been able to trace who it belonged to...she is absolutely outstanding!