Monday, March 3, 2008

Better weather=better attitude

Three generation Dresden Plate
Started by Grandma H in the 1950's
Passed to my mom in the 1970's
Finished & quilted by me in the 1980's

The sun was shining in the East as the moon was setting in the brain said "oh, a beautiful sunrise and warmth is coming". Then I stepped out to 21 degrees with a cold wind. Oh well, I control my attitude, sun or rain!

I had a wonderfully busy day running errands. I even enjoyed going to Wal-Mart. Usually I hate Wally World because of the crowded aisles and too much clutter, but today I dropped off 3 disposible cameras (found during some spring clean-it will be a big surprise what photos we get back), grabbed some more cloth diapers for the eco-friendly mommy-to-be, and a new t-shirt for my hubby wrestling coach. I also got to have lunch with my daughter V, which doesn't happen often enough for me.

I got thinking about my quilting goals for 2008, which lead me to thinking about my quilting past. I think I basically started out like many other quilters....made simple pieced baby quilts for my own babies...then onto more complicated pieced quilts to challenge me. Next came going to shop or festival classes. Of course, I was going to learn, but also to get away from home and be with other creative women for a few hours (or a few days). I moved into applique, which seemed to be more my creative outlet. I became a partner in a craft/decorating shop for a few years, which steered me more into small wallhangings ( and dolls), which I could produce quickly.

Now, I want to do things I see that will stretch my creative wings. I read about quilting techniques I have never heard of and feel I have become very settled in my craft. I use to be concerned by cutting and possibly ruining fabric, but I am developing a "hey, it's only fabric-I'll replace it if I make a mistake" attitude. It's been really nice to just do a project, not for someone else, but just because I wanted too.

Wow, didn't mean to write a essay of my quilting history! I did read on Field Trips in Fiber blog about keeping track of your incoming and outgoing (finished projects) fabric, so I am going to do that for a while to see what I actually accomplish. I donated calico and muslin today for pioneer clothing for a youth reenactment trek this summer. I am going to consider that part of a finsihed project.

I am ready for some new ideas and new challenges.....if you want to share your quilting thoughts....drop me a line!

Incoming: 1 yard plus FQ (B's b-day quilt)
Outgoing: 5 yards calico
6 yards muslin=11 yards total

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