Thursday, March 6, 2008

End of a great day

I know I already posted today, but thought I would quickly update you.

E went to her Doctor, and he says baby boy could be making an appearance any time now. I know she's ready him to be here! He due date is in 3 weeks, but the Doctor says he doesn't think she'll make more than another week......yeah!

I think I have finally figured out the tension problem on my new machine (Viking Sapphire 830). I adjusted the stitch length the computer suggested, but used a universal need instead of a quilting needle, and the stitches are looking great. I guess I better really hurry and get this baby boy boat blankie done if he may be making an early appearance!

I got my catalog for the Home Machine quilting show in Salt Lake City (May). I was thinking of taking a class, but none of the ones still open that fit my schedule really thrill me. I will be volunteer part of one day for the QOV booth. I've never been to this show before (5th anniversary this year), so I am looking forward to visiting all the booths and seeing the quilt show. Actually, there will be a quilt show plus too smaller exhibit by Utah quilt groups. Maybe I will have enough saved up by then to purchase a digital camera....oh, the photos I could take!

I quilted for 1 hour today, between dentist visits and phone calls to a very preggo daughter.

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