Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunny, cold Sunday

My hubby did some outdoors clean up yesterday when it was about 50 degrees...then it snowed a few inches last night. I am very ready for Spring! I want to see bulbs bursting out of the wet ground into beautiful blooms...I want to wear just one long sleeve shirt and not layers....I want to walk the dogs without spending more time dressing to go out compared to being outdoors.

I spent a quiet day indoors today (missed Church) because of a bad cold. I watched a video, worked on this blog layout (still not completely happy with it) and slept a few times.

I realized that I made many "lists" on this blog and got thinking about my life and my lists. I am always making lists. I have lists for the family, grocery shopping, quilt meeting (I'm one of the program planners for 2008), doctor visits, calls to make, birthday cards to send out....lists, lists, lists! Am I accomplishing anything with these to-do papers? Most of the time....yes.

Looking forward to this week, my "list" includes-driving to school, babysitting so a friend can go to the Temple, E's baby shower, sewing/quilting, cleaning, cooking, book club and a dentist visit for me. I am also going to send out postcards for the "wish you were here" exchange, plus one for

Have a very productive week, with or without a list!


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