Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Baby on the way!

E went to the Doctor yesterday afternoon, and he says baby is on the way! Yeah! She'll go up to the Hospital at 6pm (after Office hours) to get things medically moving. Double Yeah! V has an orthodontist appt this afternoon...we'll wait for a call after that to see if E wants us to come up to the Hospital. I really want to be there just so I know, as her Mom, she is okay, but she doesn't really want anyone there at all, except B. I completely understand not wanting to be mobbed by well meaning family/friends, but then the Mom part of me wants to take care of her and watch over her! My baby is having a baby!!!!!

Also, I way over did it yesterday! I always get pumped up on starting to lose weight and do too much and get discouraged. I'm not discouraged, but sore all through my legs. I needed a good night sleep, but Hubby was snoring like crazy last night!

I've got a to-do-list a mile long today....I'll check in later!

Baby Tayge Birthday...March ? 2008!

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steele life said...

Thank you so much for the birthday cards. it is so sweet of you to rememeber us. I hope E is doing well, and let us know when there is a baby boy in the world!
love you
Sam and Sara