Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy National Quilting Day!

National Quilting Day...the day where all quilters can sew and iron and pin and applique and quilt to their hearts desire and if anyone says "Are you quilting again?", they can happily reply "Yes, because it is National Quilting Day!".

I worked this whole morning on the scripture quilt. The background is all machine appliqued. I used solid colored fabrics starting with Spring pastels all the way thru Winter greys to represent the four seasons. I think it looks pretty good. I kept catching myself thinking I was making a mistake, then realized it is a quilt of my own design-who will know if I made a mistake or not!

I am going to brave the wind and snow (about 2 inches on the ground) and go to the fabric store for some muslin to finish my MIL 's birthday quilt and some solid black for borders for the scripture quilt.

Happy Quilting Day!


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