Friday, June 27, 2008

Baby in the house

I am officially babysitting! It seems weird, but fun, but tiring, by amazing to have a 3 month old around the house again. His mommy has done really well about going back to work, even if she didn't want too. Now my schedule is built around bottles, diaper changes and nap time. V holding her nephew T!
Oh, there is baby right much for to you later!


Kaylene said...

That's such a sweet picture.

It's so fun isn't it? I miss having just one baby sometimes. I could just go to the store when I wanted, and take naps without worrying if someone's going to get away or get into things that are off limits. LOL!

Beth said...

Yeah, I do the baby thing with other people's children. My babies are growing up on me. But I still enjoy it.