Sunday, June 8, 2008

Camping, hiking and chocolate

I tried to post some wonderful photo's of Havasupai, but it's just not happening today. Hubby and Daughter V, along with her best friend C, left for the girls graduation trip to Havasupai (Arizona) It's north of the Grand Canyon. Havasupai means "people of the blue-green water". It's down in a canyon area with lots of waterfalls, red rock, hiking and camping...paradise for my family. I bet the three of them are having a blast. They called to say they were having fun and had stopped for the tour at Hoover Dam on the way thru to Havasupai.

So what about me....I stayed home! This is V's trip with her dad and best friend. I took oldest daughter E on her graduation at the Marriott at a ski resort, shopping for clothes, and dinner at her favorite Mexican restaurant at the resort.

So, what did I do alone, so far. I went to the Family History Center with my friend T yesterday for about 6 hours. She had never been to the Center in Ogden (Utah), where I use to work, so we did a quick tour, lunch, and about 5 hours on the computer. And guess what we found out...we're related! After knowing each other for about 15 years, growing up on opposite US coasts, we found out we are part of the same family tree.
Her KELSEY family and my WILCOXSON/WILCOX family married, back in Vermont, about 400 years ago...we're cousins! Okay, cousins from wwwaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy back! It was fun to find that out.

In closing:It has been interesting to be all alone here at home. I got to thinking when the last time I was alone. It turned out I was about 18 years old, and my parents had gone away for a few days of alone time as a couple. My entire marriage, I have never been alone. If I went somewhere, hubby or a child cam with me....if they left, I still had a child with me. It's been a different experience to not have to think about or worry or take care of anyone else but me. Of course, I have some major sewing/quilting planned. I stocked up on the videos to watch/listen to as I sew, plus a new Susan Witting Albert book. Suzanne, what do you want for dinner? Chocolate, thank you! Can you let the animals out for a break? Sure! Do you want to go to bed? Nope, gonna stay up and read for a while.

Oh, oh, I'm already talking to myself! Not a good sign....

So what haven't you done for a long time, or ever? What would you like to do away from your usual routine? Please, share with us....

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JUST A MOM said...

WOW ALONE HOME ALONE what a thought now THAT would be cool I would want time to think and plan my nuthing day or other words I would be wastign the days trying ot figure out what to do hahhahahaa