Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cyd is gone

Cyd Charisse died today in Los Angeles, California (USA)
Who is Cyd, you ask?

She was a ballet dancer from Texas, who's given name was Tula
She wasn't very tall, but knew how to make her legs look like they were a mile long....

She could dance almost every dance...ballet, jazz, tap, swing.......

She was a wonderful woman, who fulfilled her dreams of family, service and dance

Cyd Charisse was one of my hero's as a young girl in California. I wanted to dance like her. I wanted to have her long legs. I wanted to be her. I will miss her. Though we never meet face-to-face, I feel like we shared something special when I watched her on that big ol' Theater screen.

I hope she is having a blast dancing with Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire up in Heaven!
Love to her sons and family!

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