Monday, June 16, 2008

Everyone is home

My honey bunny and daughter are home....I am SO happy. I missed them and they missed me too. Hubby wasn't too happy about the garage incident, but then, neither was I! He said if anything ever happened like that again, to let Mustang out the front door and the bad guys are on their own with 100 pounds of angry puppy!

I went to JoAnne's Fabrics today. I think nearly everything was on sale in the store. I got there about 20 minutes after the store open and the carts were nearly gone. I got fabric for me (skirt and jacket), 4 FQ's for an exchange ("going green" theme), some scrap booking supplies (trying to catch up on the pile in the office), fabric/thread for another FQ exchange (stars, food and cold themed) muslin, and some interesting pink with gold border trimmed fabric (portrait quilt I have running in my thoughts) plus stuff for an envelope scavenger hunt (read the In Closing at the end of this post) Oh, I also got 3 new bandannas to wear-I am losing my hair with the new medications, so I want bandannas to cover up. Ring , ring, ring went the cash register. Thank goodness my hubby missed me a whole bunch this last week, huh!

I start babysitting grandson T tomorrow. His mommy is NOT happy about going back to work. Financially, she has too, but emotional, that doesn't matter to a brand new mommy. I only have him half a day, and not every day, the first while. I went shopping with E today so she could find some business clothes. She found 2 really nice dresses and some other things.

In closing: Did you go on scavenger hunts when you were a kid. You had a list of completely unrelated items and went house to house and gathered the items. Whoever got everything in the shortest amount of time won. I am doing a mail scavenger hunt thru Everything must fit in a 6 inch by 9 inch mail envelope that is not padded. Below is the list with a brief description of what I am putting in my envelope.

01.Something to stick-stickers with funny savings on them
02.Something from your country-Fabric bandanna of American flags
03.Something blue or purple-tiny purple clothespins
04.Something yellow, green or orange-small paper flowers with green stems
05.Something tasty-a couple of my favorite recipes
06.Something made of paper-a couple of blank cards with envelopes
07.Something fun-a little flat wood sailboat-it's fun to sail here
08.Something pretty-a 4 inch fabric wedding dress
09.Something handmade/crafty-a cross stitch kit
10.Something you collect-a flat tiny metal Eiffel Tower

Fun idea, huh! I can't wait to get my envelope to see how someone filled it using the same categories. What fun things did you find on a scavenger hunt?


Gina said...

I love your 'answers' to the scavenger hunt.

I couldn't email you about your comment on my blog. Here's the link to the car show that Gemma and mal are going to in the Autumn.

love and hugs xxx

Lorraine said...

good to hear your family are home safe and sound.....and shopping the scavenger hunt idea...and the things you chose to send....hope "mum" copes with going back to is a wrench!! enjoy your babysitting time!