Sunday, July 6, 2008

I am back to blogging...finally. This home of mine has been sick...flu of the worst kind. Hubby had it a little, then I got it bad, and now Daughter V is beginning the signs of sickness. It's amazing how much you can not do when you are sick. I started off only sleeping, then to walking around the house between naps, to eating something after 5 days, to finally being able to go to the store. Do not get the's not fun!

Since being sick, I missed my service day on the 30th of June. I did finish a couple outfits for each of my grand-daughters which have been delivered to them in Idaho. Except for looking at a couple of sewing/quilting books from the Library while sick, that's the extent of my sewing/quilting/creative moments the last week.

In closing:Above is a photo of the LDS Temple at Manti (Utah). It sits on a small hill in a flat valley, so you can see it for miles away. At night, the valley is so dark, the lights on the Temple make it look like it is floating in air. I have been thinking about this Temple, because of friends who live near to it in Wales.

These are dear friends from our old neighborhood. We all grew up as parents together as we built our first homes and had our babies. The mom, Keri, and I took turns being pregnant. She had a girl, then me, she had a boy, then me....she threw in another girl, then we had daughters V and her Rachael. (I stopped at three, but she went on to having 10 children, plus adopting two of her nephews for a grand total of 12 children.) We moved physically away from one another about 12 years ago, but have been eternal friends always.

This last week, I joined this family to bury their 18 year old daughter, Rachael. She was killed in an ATV accident at her birthday party (the day before her actual 18th birthday) She stayed alive long enough to donate parts of her physical body to help others. With the various donations, the doctor said she helped over 50 people.

Though this was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, I felt such a warm comfort at her viewing. This child, about the enter the adult World, was more accomplished and ready for the next step of her journey than I know I am. She had accomplished the things important to her, and gave of herself even after she was gone. Her family is very blessed to have had this child in their lives, if only for 18 years. They are also blessed with wonderful neighbors and friends to help them weather this temporary separation from Rachael.

I am glad to have know this girl and for my daughter V to have had her for a childhood friend. I am comforted to have a knowledge that we live after this lifetime and that Rachael is safe and happy.

Do you have someone special you haven't seen in a while? Please call, e-mail or drop in on them this week. Tell them why they are special and what they mean to you.

My love to you all!


Lorraine said...

How very tragic! I can't imagine what this family must be going through..and your is so true...we can't take for granted that we will see loved ones in the morning, the next day or the next week...we must make every effort to keep in wonderful partner and my children never leave without a kiss, cuddle and an "I love you", my first husband went out with friends one night a long time ago.....we had had a silly argument and he left without a goodbye kiss...(the only time he had ever done so!) he was involved in an accident that night and was in a coma for several months before he passed away....It was just 12 weeks after our wedding and I was 19!...a tough time but with my family and friends around me I got thru it....and I take nothing for granted anymore!!

On a lighter note....thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment....and I am glad you are feeling better....

Rhonda said...

What a terrible thing to happen. I have a wonderful friend who has terminal cancer. I cherish each and every day with her.

Vivian Love said...

It is sad about your friend's family, but I'm glad they will see her again someday. Thanks for sharing this and for challenging us to call someone we love. I also love the beautiful picture of the Manti temple. It's one of my favorites.

PS. I didn't get up north of SLC on this last trip, but I will in Aug.

Take care & I hope your family is getting over the flu, Vivian

Kris said...

Thank you for your description of the Manti Temple. I didn't know those things about it. It must look so beautiful at night!

What a tragic incident! I really feel for your friend. I have one of those turned 18 in June girls and can't imagine what it would be like to lose her. She is just so full of life and fun. Despite the fact that your friend knows where she is and knows that they have eternal ties it must be difficult for her.

I hope you are having a good week and that your health will continue to improve. I will remember your advice and try hard not to get the flu!!!