Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I want my family!!!!!

I am grumpy and frustrated and worried and I just want a big of bag of chocolate and my family!

Last night, someone tried to break into the garage. It happened about 1:30am this morning. I was woke up by my German shepherd (thank goodness for him!) going crazy in the laundry room. I thought he needed to go out, but when I opened the laudry room door, he shot for the front door...something he NEVER does. I made him go out the back door. He was barking like crazy and headed for the side of house just going crazy. After a few minutes, both dogs came back to the back door and whined to be let it. Mustang (German shepherd) still was acting crazy and was sticking right next to me and wanted to wander thru out the house. I put them back in the laundry room, and both dogs just started howling.

Knock on the door...it's the police. I'm thinking, "oh great, the neighbors are mad about the noise at 1:30am". Nope! A neighbor, who was up in the middle of the night, across the street, saw something suspicious outside, heard my dogs and called the police. The officer is a friend from Church, so he looked around and found the garage unlocked. I told him I knew it was locked before, so we looked inside. Nothing is missing, but someone tried to take some cement bags...they were moved like they had been picked up then dropped. I'm glad Officer Wilson was the officer who came. He's big and can look mean, but he is the nicest, sweetest marshmallow of a guy. He locked then fixed the garage with some items from my hubby's tool chest, so that garage is NOT opening again.

Did I sleep after that...no. I kept finding myself going and checking locks and looking out the windows. I was even freaked out about letting the cats out at about 5am. Poor kitties!

Well, I don't seem to be able to post photos or anything else much, so this is it!

In Closing: I am thankful for my 100 pound German shepherd. He loves me, he protects me, he's terrified of lightening and thunder and cats, and I wouldn't trade him for anything!


Kaylene said...

(((HUGS))) I'm grateful for your dogs too! Why do people do this kind of junk???

Kris said...

Hi Suzanne!
That sounds like a really scary experience! I hope the chocolate helps! I never really spend time alone either. Having 8 kids means there's always someone who wants to go wherever I go. I also homeschool so people are always around the place. Last month I was home on my own (during the day) for the first time in ages. Very strange feeling. My missionary is outbound at the moment. She is in the Texas Houston mission for 18 weeks. She's about halfway through.

Lorraine said...

Sending hugs and good thoughts! Thank goodness for your dogs indeed.....and the big policeman who came to your aid as well.....hope the family gets back soon.....and people trying to break in don't know your big german shepherd is scared of cats they would just know he sounds really big and scary....!

Yvonne said...

and of course this happens when you're home alone! big hugs to you...and your dog... Scary!

JUST A MOM said...

wow that is scarryyyy