Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Quiltathon Day

Today and tomorrow are Quiltathon days with Judy at Patchwork Times...thanks for keeping us motivated and organized, Judy. Daughter V & I are going to do some dyeing today. She wants some original shirts to wear on her Grand Canyon trip next week (graduation gift) and I want to try dyeing some muslin. I think I will also try and get a couple of fabric totes made too. I have a super easy McCall's (#8705) pattern for various totes that uses only a couple yards of fabric each. I am trying to use re-usable totes for the store and library so we don't have a bunch of plastic sitting around. I am also gearing up for some major family history work. I've slacked off on the online record translating I was doing for my Church. I am also taking a group from my Church down to the Salt Lake Family History Library (pictured above) on the 21st for a day of research. With the high gas prices ($3.90 a gallon), Hubby and I may just go to the Library for a day of research for our wedding anniversary this month too. My hubby is the greatest guy to do research with....I just give him a county and state I need info from, and he comes back with armloads of books and lists of films that fit my needs. He also doesn't mind doing copies of pages for me.
In closing: Pictured above is the Syracuse (Utah) Cemetery, where my hubby is the caretaker. I have been thinking alot about all that I have. I may not have the newest or biggest or most expensive of alot of things, but I have never "wanted" in my life for much. I have been trying to be more grateful and do for others or give more service. Where does the cemetery come in? I have tried to help my hubby with the cemetery more...clean up the expired flowers, weed, decorate a forgotten grave. Of course, I am going to try and do some kinds of other service, where ever I am needed. I read this week how the pioneers gave every 10th day as a day of service to, laundry, building, plowing. etc. I am going to try and set aside the 10th, 20th and 30th of each month (give or take a day) as a service day.

How about you? Where/how/when do you do service?

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Kris said...

I didn't know that about the pioneers. What a great idea! I guess it's a tithe of their time. Serving others is important to our happiness I think. Let us know how this planned service goes and what kind of things you end up doing!